Good morning!

I have shared what may be a useful link below to any parents that would like a bit of information regarding Phonics. It breaks it down nicely and offers ideas of how you can support your child with building up their reading and spelling skills.

A guide to Phonics- What it is and how you can support your child

Here is a little challenge for you to have a go at today to keep practising those phase 4 blends. Good luck, some are a little tricky!

Can you unscramble my words below and put them into the sentences?

  • claplo
  • flshe
  • tsakl
  • cripst
  • rexmtiu
  • ginterdn
  • dvrei
  • ydrege

1.When I am poorly, a bit of ……  often helps me to feel better.

2.Before he left home, the actor forgot to pick up his ……

3.When you turn 17 you are allowed to learn to …..

4.In the classic story, Jack grew a giant bean…..

5.The elf on the ….. made some funny appearances over Christmas.

6.The cake ……. was in need of stirring.

7.The …… child ate all of the sweets and then felt sick!

8.When something is popular on the Internet, it is said to be …….

Finally, don’t forget twinkl are offering free accounts and you can continue your practice with all their fun games. Or you may like to write words down on paper being sure to sound them out and break them down just like we would in school.

Miss Hammond.