Den home learning week 1 and 2

Wow! What a whirlwind couple of weeks we have had in the Den.


I just wanted to say how proud I am of each and every one of the Den children who have been working from home the last two weeks.

Well done to Bryan for returning to school this week and working hard with Mrs Fullerton.


Here are some examples of our super star learners- you are all Stars of the week this week!

I am looking forward to seeing most of you back in school next week!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Plimmer

The Den- online learning reminder.

Hi everyone,


Just a reminder that all our Den online learning is accessed via The Den Google Classroom and our four live lessons are streamed and recorded on Microsoft Teams meetings every week day.


To access Google Classroom- log into google using your child’s details- these will be:


password: Chrome20

This brings you to the Den google classroom where all worksheets, activities and anouncements are held.


Our live lessons are as follows:

9-9:15 Phonics for Marco

9:20-9:35 Phonics for Megan and Max

9:40-10:00 Phonics for Jaien and Bryan

10:10 Literacy input- for all Den children

11:10 Maths input – for all Den children


To access these lessons and the invites- you need to log into Microsoft office 365 email- using your child’s details again, for example



This brings you to their individual email addresses where you can see all previous live lessons recordings and invites to next week’s lessons.


Any problems please phone the school office and ask to speak to me.

Miss Plimmer

Google Classroom reminder

Dear Parents/ Carers


Google Classroom Pupil/Parent Guide- reminder 

Logging In


If using a laptop:


  1. Go to and click on the “Go to classroom” button.


  1. Enter your school email address: followed by the password.   Chrome20


  1. Pupils will be presented with their classroom.



If using a mobile app:


Pupils/parents have the opportunity to download the Google classroom app on their handheld device if a laptop isn’t available. It is free but you must remember to use your child’s school login details as opposed to any other Google account that you use at home.


Having logged in and choosing ‘I am a student’ (if there is an option) pupils will be presented with their classroom.







Viewing and Accessing Home Learning


Once logged in to Google Classroom, pupils need to click on the title of their class. Having clicked on this, they will then be in the Classroom. Here they will have 3 tabs in front of them: “Stream“, “Classwork” and “People“.


The “Stream” Page

This is the homepage for the classroom. Any new classwork or messages to the class from your child’s teacher will appear here. This page works similarly to a social network page. The most recent post that a teacher has added to the Google Classroom will be at the top and the oldest will be at the bottom.


The “Classwork” Page

This will allow you to view and access all the work assigned by the teachers. Teachers will upload work by topic. The activities are listed underneath each topic with a due date. When you click on an activity, it will show you the instructions and the option to view the activity.


The “People” page

This displays the class teachers and a list of children in the class. For safeguarding, e-mail access for all child accounts has been turned off.



Accessing and Submitting Classwork


From within the classroom section, clicking on any piece of classwork will display instructions from the teacher, along with any attached resources. Depending on work set these attachments might include links to an online resource or activity, ebooks or fact sheets, quizzes, or a document template for your child to work from. Clicking on the attachment will open a new tab and allow you to view it.


Attached documents are saved automatically as they are edited and will be sent to the teacher when ‘turned in’. This can be done by clicking the ‘turn in’ button at the top of the document. For classwork that does not require turning in, such as completing an online activity, simply click the ‘mark as done’ button. This will inform the teacher that the activity has been completed.


If you have any questions regarding a piece of classwork, you can send a message to the teacher using the private comments box.



Hopefully this guide has covered the basics and you should now be ready to start using Google Classroom.



Please feel free to email me on the following addresses if you have any issues with accessing technology:



Den home learning offer as of 6.1.2021

Hello everyone,

I am really sorry we only had today with some of you before we had to return to working from home for the next 10 days!

I will ring Parents first thing in the morning to explain how our day will now run.

I will send individual Teams links via the children’s emails with their phonics Teams link slots on. As all of the children are working on different sounds and words within different phonics phases it will be much easier to do individual lessons. 

The chidlren will also be sent a Literacy and Maths Input Teams time link.

Please, please do not worry if you cannot attend at that exact time.

All vidoes will be recorded and sent to the children’s emails so they can be opened and watched at a later time in the day. I know there are a lot of Den children who have siblings in school and will be sharing devices and will have to take turns accessing ‘live learning’.


This is how tomorrow will run (6.1.2021)

Between 8-9am Miss Plimmer will call Parents and update them on an individual basis.

Teams Meetings: (these will be repeated every day)

Marco’s Phase 5 Phonics session will run 9-9:15.

Megan and Max’s Phase 4 Phonics session will run 9:20-9:35.

Bryan and Jaien’s Phase 2/ 3 Phonics session will run 9:40-10:00.

Literacy input will be at 10:10-10:30- all Literacy work will be on the google classroom.

Break 10:30-11:00

11:00-12:00 Topic work (Geography for tomorrow) to be sent over google classroom for children to complete.

Please note, Miss Plimmer live teaches a Year Six Maths group between 11-12:00 and will be unavailable at this time every day.

Mrs McLeod and Mrs Fullerton will be available via our email address if you have any urgent ICT enquiries during this hour. 

12:00-1:00 Lunchtime!

1:00-1:30 Maths Input – again sheets can be found on google classroom.

1:30 Break/ Afternoon snack.

1:45-2:30 Chance to try Mr Irvine and Mr Todd’s weekly PE challenge (video link has been sent to your email) or try some reading- I did send home additional reading books with the children who were in school today.

2:30 Key worker sheets/ challenges- these will be fun things set for you on google classroom by your adult- it might be Myself, Mrs McLeod or Mrs Fullerton and it might change daily so keep an eye out!

3:00- End of day teams where a Den adult will read an end of day story and say goodbye.

Please let us know if you cannot access anything from home or if we can do any more to support you in any way- we are all here to help you and the Den children!

Many thanks and see you via Teams links or recordings tomorrow!

Many thanks, Miss Plimmer

Year 6 Maths group Miss Plimmer

Hi Year Six,

I have recorded the teams ‘live’ lesson for maths today for you to watch at a time to suit you. Please can you complete the test, mark your answers and send me your score out of 15.

Please send to


Here is the answer sheet should you need it- I did send it via email too.


Many thanks,

Miss Plimmer

Den provison today 5.1.2021

Good morning everyone!

Today will be a very different kind of day to normal, where we will be seeing who is coming into the Den to access face to face teaching and who will be staying at home to access our online learning provision.

I will be ringing Parents of children who are not in between 9-10 am this morning to check everyone is ok, has access to a device and explain how our day will run as of tomorrow (6.1.2021) as it will look slightly different to other year group provision due to the different and varied needs of the children.

For phonics, please can children access the webiste Phonics Play and look at flashcard sounds and tricky word trucks. Can the children practice writing the tricky words from memory is Parents say them aloud?

Here is a sheet for the children to complete telling us what they did over the Christmas break. You can take a photo and upload it to our google classroom or to our blog on the website or print and keep it all together and bring it in once lockdown is lifted.


For topic today, the children will be using Purple Mash to access the program ‘2Code’. 

Please can they use a device at home to open Purple Mash (log ins are in reading diaries) and access this program- they  may need help from an adult listening to/ reading instructions.

For maths, please can the children use the website Top Marks Maths to play a range of number games- the children can choose today!

I look forward to speaking to Parents later and seeing those who are coming into school this morning.

Best wishes,

Miss Plimmer


The Den Communication

Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow and discussing how their Christmas was!

Please note that as of tomorrow 5th January and the following week of Monday 11th January we are unable to communciate with Den Parents directly at the Den door in the morning or afternoons at drop offs. We will also be collecting in reading diaries on a Friday so that they can be re-sent home the following Monday with reading comments written in.


Please can any messages that would usually be written in the diary or spoken to staff be communicated via our Den email address and it will be responded to as soon as possible:


Many thanks,

Miss Plimmer


The Lockdown Nativity!

Reverend Olliver has been in touch to say that Telford as a local community have filmed a nativity that children at Newdale and their families may like to watch- he says there may be some familiar faces that you might recognise!

It premiered over the weekend but is now available to watch at any time.

Here is the link:

Many thanks and Merry Christmas!

Miss Plimmer

Religious Education Coordinator