Mrs Sturrock

About Mrs Sturrock

I am currently a Year 2 class teacher with responsibility for Art and Phonics. I am also the Phase Leader for KS1 and Link school Leader for Breakfast and Afterschool Club.

Marmalade Sandwiches!

Year One had a fantastic day yesterday at our ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’.

We made our own marmalade sandwiches and enjoyed eating these with our bears. We then talked about all the adventures our own bears had been on, just like Paddington.

Time is Ticking!

Year 2 are learning all about time in Maths this week.

Image result for time

Can you let us know the most important times in your day.

E.g. When do you wake up? When do you have breakfast? etc…

Time is ticking…

Forest School

Year Two have had lots of fun hunting for living things in Forest School today. Well done everyone that brought their Forest School kit today. 

Please remember Forest School takes place every Tuesday afternoon.

Silly Sentences!

Miss Newport and I have a challenge for you to help you practice your spellings.

Can you write a ‘silly sentence’ which includes one or more of our spellings. Try to use as many of your spellings as you can in your sentence and don’t forget your capital letters and full stops.

ed suffix

Good luck!