Ladybugs Listening Walk 👂🏻🐞

This morning our ladybugs children went outside for a walk around the school grounds. We were focusing on different sounds and what could be making those sounds as part of our Letters and Sounds session.

The children were brilliant whilst walking around, they listened to all instructions given and heard so many sounds.

We heard…

Birds – “tweeting 🐦

Cars – “vroom” “beep beep” 🚘

Truck – “very loud truck” 🚛

Leaves “cracking, scrunching” 🍂

Nursery After School Club ⭐️

Since we have been back in After School club, we have asked the children what they would like to do in their after school club time.

We have listened and made notes of some of the activities they would like to do, so far we have played in the ladybugs mud kitchen making pies, cakes and different drinks. We have used the sand pit to make castles, used sand moulds and looked at the sand wet and dry.

We have even used the snap cubes to make our very own Numberblocks characters and then watched a number blocks episode in our quiet time.

We cannot wait to see what other activities the children will choose to do this term and we look forward to sharing them with you ⭐️🐞🌳

Ladybugs Key Worker Groups 🐞

From September ladybugs will have lots of new starters joining us. We are really looking forward to meeting you all or in some cases seeing you all again after the summer holiday ☀️

Below is the different colour ladybugs, the children on that colour have been assigned to the key worker underneath. This doesn’t mean you will only see or speak to this person, it just means they are your child’s main key worker and will be doing your children’s learning journeys. You will be able to speak to any member of staff about anything you need support or advice with.

We hope seeing these on the website will help your little one be more familiar with the new faces they will be meeting in September.

Happy Friday!

We will see you all in September,

Becky 🐞🌈

Mini Olympics 🏅🌟

Ladybugs took part in a mini Olympics this morning, the children all took part and got to do activities we wouldn’t normally get chance to do.

We climbed the climbing frame, learnt how to balance on the beams and jump off the platforms.

Well done Ladybugs for going out of your comfort zones and being so brave!

They are all bringing certificates home for taking part 🙌🐞

Becky 🌈

Ladybugs 🎨🐞

Ladybugs had a fun filled Monday at nursery!

We’ve had the hairdressers basket out, doing each other’s hair. Playing the receptionist taking appointments and mark making them down.

Then we were given long sheets of bubble wrap, we did a bubble wrap stomp! Jumping, running and making different ways to pop all the bubbles 🙌

Finally, we used a really big cardboard box to cut out a door and windows for a role play house. Then we got lots of rollers, paint brushes and stampers to paint the outside of the house 🏠🎨

Fun in the sun ☀️💦🐞

Yesterday, our ladybugs children made the most of the morning shade with the beautiful weather and played outside on the top ladybugs garden.

Since we have been back at nursery the ladybugs staff have worked hard on the outdoor area and we have made a new mud kitchen. The ladybugs children have loved playing in it so far, we are adding to the resources slowly. But so far they have been mixing potions, making rock cakes using stones and water and lots more 💦

We had fishing with our nets and plastic play fish in the water tray, and even used the water to look after our plants in the garden 🌻🌷

Letters and Sounds 🐞

In our ladybugs nursery room, we have been doing some phase 1 Letters and Sounds activities. The children loved the guess the animal game on busy things. We then moved on to have a go at mark making some of the letters, the game showed us how to do it first and then we had to copy over it.

Well done ladybugs you are all doing brilliant!

Keep smiling and enjoy the sunshine ☀️

Becky 🐞🌈