Year 3 Nature Walk

Year 3 had a great time on our first nature walk of the Autumn term! We explored the area around our school and discussed the names of lots of different trees. We also collected a variety of leaves, seeds and berries to look at in school next week.

Year 3 Circus Fun!

Year 3 had lots of fun during our Splats Circus lesson today!

We began by throwing and catching colourful scarves, before learning how to balance bean bags on our bodies. After lots of practice, we were soon able to use two bean bags to juggle!

We can’t wait to have more fun with the circus again tomorrow!

Year 3 Forest School Fun!

Year 3 had a great afternoon exploring the Forest School and Base Camp! We spent time imagining what life in the Stone Age would have been like and what materials they may have used to hunt, gather and build with.