Roman trip – Chester

On Friday, year three went on their trip to Chester to learn more about our topic of the Romans.

The children had a brilliant day and learnt loads of new facts about the Romans. They even wowed the instructors with their existing knowledge!

A particular highlight was the Roman soldier march, a lot of which is pictured below!

Year three :)

Perfect Pizza!

Today year three have been making their very own pizza!

They made a plan including what ingredients and equipment they needed and ordered the different tasks they would need to do.

They then made the pizzas and they have just gone in the oven.

I hope you get to see/eat them later today :)

Year three.

Roman experience trip

Hello everyone!

We have organised for the children to go on an awesome roman themed trip to Chester on Friday 8th February!!

The children will get to look through a museum with a tour guide, take part in a variety of detailed workshops and put on and march in their very own roman armour!!

More details will follow as I have them, but we just wanted to get the news to you all ASAP!


Year three :)



Hit the button maths game

Hello everyone.

Myself and Miss Gears have been playing this game in maths lessons and whenever we have a spare second to help the children brush up on their times tables.

Its really good fun and they really enjoy that is against the clock and challenging each other!!

If you want to try it at home here is the link:

Year 3 :)

My cognition (Mr Pharo’s class)

Hello everyone :)

Mr Pharo’s class will be starting the my cognition program on the Ipads in the mornings before lessons start.

Miss Gear’s class have been doing this each day so far this year. Now it is our turn!

This means we would appreciate the children being as prompt as they can be in the morning and on Fridays we are not having reading time with parents during this time.

The children will love it and it is really engaging for them.

Year 3 :)


Tackling Time.

Year 3 are tackling time in maths to start the new year.

They are getting the opportunity to interact with time in many different ways with our carousel lessons!

See you soon.

Year 3  :)