Mrs Silman

About Mrs Silman

I am the Data Administrator and I teach Maths to some of the Year 6 children.

Secondary School Applications

Dear Parents/Carers of children in Year 6,


It is paramount that you put in your application for your child’s secondary school as soon as you can please.


Only 36 applications out of 61 have been made so far, despite a reminder.


Please can you make sure you complete this task over half term so that you will avoid disappointment at a later time.


Here is the link



Kind regards


Miss Cook


Reading in Yr 6

Dear Year 6 parents,


We wanted to remind you of the high emphasis we place on home reading and homework in year 6.


As reading is at the very heart of all learning your child will do, both here and at secondary school over the next five years, we expect all children to read for a minimum of five nights and comment on what they have read to build vital skills of comprehension, and to help them engage with the book they have independently chosen. Such tasks also support their ability to create passages of their own writing, and to consider how to structure their responses.


In May, your child will complete an end of KS2 reading SAT paper which is long – one hour of reading three texts and answering questions about each one. Clearly, this requires quite a lot of reading stamina, and this is another reason that we encourage so much this year.

In addition, we have set all children up with access to the quick Read Theory programme which we have found invaluable in the last few years. We allow time for this in school but if your child can access this at home, their morning work can be spent on other skills, such as quick maths or handwriting / spelling practise.


We do appreciate your support with this as we strive to ensure your child makes the best possible progress they can this year.

Kind regards,

Mrs Thomas and Miss Clay