PE Kits

Please can you make sure that all items of PE kit are clearly labelled, when you return them to school after Easter.

We know that many parents prefer to leave their child’s kit in school so that they are always here in case we have additional PE or your child’s PE lesson is moved to another day.

This helps the children to always be able to take part in PE lessons. If you would like to take PE kit home on a Friday for a weekend wash, please let your child’s teacher know. You may just want to swap T-Shirt for T-shirt!


Enjoy your holidays!

Sunny Spring Nature Walk

It is always amazing to discover what is crawling around beneath our feet. Today we found all sorts of worms, bugs, spiders, flies and beetles. Spring was certainly out in full force with gorgeous blossom trees and incredibly painful stinging nettles!


Veolia Energy Recovery Facility

Just a few sneak previews from our trip today so the other Year 4 class can feel the same sense of awe and wonder at the incredible work which goes into turning our red bin waste into electricity.

Thank you to Joseph’s mum for helping us keep safe in a dangerous work place!

Poetry by heart

Today we practised using actions to help learn a poem off by heart.

Test your child by holding up a hand like a stop sign and saying, “ Hand on the bridge, feel the rythm…”