Jacob C Fond Memories of Newdale

Fond memories of Newdale Primary school Poem

Fantastic friends,
Amazing teachers,
Colourful classroom,
Amazing Trips,
Challenging work,
Active PE,
Amazing Newdale,
Great memories,
Forever friends,
Enjoyable Games,
Challenging trips,
Cheerful friends,
Mischevious children,
Stresful work,
unforgetable friends,
Fantasic trips,
And the Outstanding Newdale.

Year 5 children returning to school

17th June 2020

Information for parents of Y5 children returning to school on the 22nd June 2020

Dear Parent / Carer,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your child back into school now that we have some additional space. Please be aware that year 5 is now full and only open to those whose parents have already contacted us to reserve a space.

Year 5 will be returning to formal reading, writing and maths in preparation for year 6 in September. In addition, they will be following other foundation subjects to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum as well as having the opportunity to spend time with teachers and their peers. Home learning will continue for those remaining at home, so please ensure you continue to support them in this important aspect of their education.

On returning to school on the 22nd June, your child will be based in either Base 9, Base 11 or the Family Room. Please check the text message you will have received to confirm which one. If you are unsure, please contact the school office. Attached is the map of school, clearly showing the entrance and exit point for each base.

Your child will begin school at 8:40 and will finish at 3:10.

Please note: these times are very important to ensure that we have as few people on the school grounds at once, so please be prompt.

Family Room – please enter through the main school entrance at 8:40

Base 9 and 11 – please enter through the car park gate into the playground to line up outside the class base at 8:40

Children will need to attend school in trainers and PE tracksuit bottoms, with a PE top and school jumper. This will avoid the need to change for PE, which children will be doing daily. They will also have daily access to forest school or basecamp, so will need to bring suitable footwear (wellies) and a coat if the weather is rainy.

All children will need to bring in a water bottle which will go home each day for cleaning and re-filling.

Please can children who are bringing a packed lunch do so in a suitable container along with a drink. This will be kept by your child’s desk.

Children will not need to bring anything else into school – everything they need will be on site.

Should you need to be in touch with school, please do so by contacting the office via phone or email.

Rest assured we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of your child in school, and to continue with their education in a fun and accessible way.

Kind regards,

The Year 5 team

Lola- Baking homework

We forgot to post last week and nearly forgot to take a picture before the cake was eaten! Lola chose to make an old school iced vanilla sponge last week for her homework, it was delicious! We are looking forward to a victoria sponge this week.

Year 6 Stars of the Week

Hi everyone,

Cassie stole my school badge and sat down for a picture by some forget me nots as she knows how much Mrs T and Miss C are missing you all…

This week we are still really proud of every one of you keeping up with all the work we have been setting. Particular shout outs go to Sophie, Kelsey, Alisha, Raimonds, Daisy and Jacob C for amazing Read Theory; Frazer, who always perseveres with his work; and Shannon for a poem about Fear that was very impressive (as were many others).

We have been receiving some excellent SAT (Share A Talent) pictures and videos this week – but if you haven’t yet sent one, please do over half term.

Next week, please have a well-deserved break from school work. Keep busy enjoying time with your family, maybe doing some cookery or even some art work.

Best wishes to you all,

Mrs. Thomas and Miss Clay