Miss Hailey

About Miss Hailey

Hello, I am Miss Hailey one of the Year 1 teachers at Newdale Primary.

The Great Fire of London 🔥

As a grand finale to our Great Fire of London topic this half term, this week the children have created their own model London city of 1666!

Today we recreated the Great Fire at Base Camp with Miss Taylor using our models. All we discovered about how the Fire spread from house to house came to life!

Can your child tell you about how the Great Fire was eventually stopped?


Year 1 Phonics Assembly

Thank you for the support at the Year 1 Phonics Parents Assembly today. The children worked extremely hard and were so excited to share everything they do with you. We hope you found it useful.

A reminder of some websites we use in school that could also be used at home as a fun way to learn and apply phonics include:




If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate coming to speak to us.

The Year 1 Team.

The Great Fire of London 🔥

Year 1 began their new history topic today! We enjoyed acting out the disastrous event. We then started some fantastic fire art work. Here is a peak at painting in action. The final masterpiece will be completed next week!

Can your child tell you where the Great Fire of London started?