Mrs Curnow

About Mrs Curnow

I am the Nursery teacher here at Newdale.

Library books

Please could you have a look to see if you have any nursery books still at home.  We need you to return them as soon as possible so that we can return them to the school library.  Thank you for your support.

Nursery end of year party day

Nursery will be holding an end of year party on Thursday 18th July.  Children are very welcome to come in party clothes but please ensure that they still have suitable footwear for outdoor play.

A party food donation list will be going up in both rooms if you are able to bring anything in.  Please don’t worry if your child does not attend on Thursdays as we have lots of fun activities planned every day.

Nursery parent survey

Thank you to everyone who completed their questionnaire.  We had a fantastic response with between 96% and  100% of families stating that we were good or excellent in all aspects on the survey.  Comments included “my child has come on leaps and bounds”, “nursery is encouraging independence, promotes sociability and child development and that the “team are always helpful and informative”.

A couple of families were unsure about what their child had eaten at nursery.  Please note this information is available on the whiteboards in the room, from the school dinner menu and of course you can always ask their keyworker.

Thank you all again for such a positive academic year and wish all the families moving on to reception class a fond farewell.

Healthy eating

We have talked about healthy eating today. The children prepared their own healthy snacks using safety knives. They tried lots of different fruits including bananas, fresh pineapple, strawberries, grapes, kiwi and oranges. They talked about their tastes and textures and using knives safely with an adult.

Keeping fit

The nursery children have been trying to keep fit this week by running or walking five laps around the school field every day. The children who stay all day are running at 2pm whereas the children who only attend in the morning are running at 11am. If you would like to join us on Friday at theses times you’d be very welcome. Don’t forget it’s sports day on Thursday after which you can join in the run with your child.


A rubbish update. Just to let you know this is how much litter nursery collected in just a few minutes on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Lost property and wellies

Please collect your child’s wellies as we are no longer planning to use them this term. We also have a growing pile of lost property including clothing and water bottles. We have placed the boxes inside the entrance into the Little acorns and Mighty oaks room. Any unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of term. Thank you.

Healthy lifestyles week and sports day

Next week across the school is healthy lifestyles week.  We will be looking at lots of aspects of keeping healthy including keeping fit.  The Mighty oak and Little acorn children will be completing five laps of the school field daily and the Ladybugs will do five laps of the school playground.  If you would like to accompany your child please come along in the morning at 11am using the side gate or at 2pm.  Children who stay for lunch will only be participating in the 2pm run.

We have also managed to fit in our postponed nursery sports day on Thursday 27th June.  This will take place at 10am and 1pm and lasts approximately 35 minutes.  When the races have finished you are invited to complete the five laps with your child as part of healthy schools week.  The children will then return to nursery in order for them to be signed out as usual.

Let’s hope we have kinder weather next week.

Nursery trip

The children in Mighty oaks and Little acorns have had a wonderful day today. They began the session by making their own sandwiches from a choice of fillings which they then packed for a picnic. We walked to the local duck pond for our picnic and the children kindly saved a little of their crusts to feed the ducks. They particularly loved hearing the baby coot make a squeaking sound when it wanted feeding.

Litter pick

One of our activities in nursery this week has been to think about looking after our environment. Today purple and blue group have been for a litter pick around school. We discussed not touching the rubbish as it may be harmful. The children carefully used the litter pickers and put the rubbish in a bag. We’ll let you know how much rubbish we collect by the end of tomorrow.