Change to Rock Star Day

Rockstar Day

Unfortunately, due to timetabling (blame Miss Jones), we have had to make a further alteration to Rock Star Day. This will now take place on Tuesday, June 7th . The children are welcome to dress up as rockstars on this day. Alternatively, the children can wear their own clothes.

Times Tables Rock Stars: Play

Change to PE day next week

Next week, PE for Year 2 will move from a Wednesday to a Tuesday. This is a one-off change of day due to jubilee celebrations and timetabling later on in the week. After half term, PE days will revert back to Wednesday and Friday.

Many thanks,

The Year 2 Team

Maths in Year 2 🧮

Please see the method used in school to complete addition and subtraction questions. This is the method children will be familiar with using. Please note that children will move to a more traditional column addition/subtraction method in key stage 2 but this method is used so that children develop their knowledge of adding multiples of ten and truly have an understanding of the values of numbers.

Many thanks for your support.

The Year 2 Team 😊

🎸Rock Star Day- Year 2 👨‍🎤

Dear Parents/Carers

In order to support children with the rapid recall of multiplication as they move into KS2, we will be launching an app called Times Tables Rock Stars. The children will continue to use this application as they move through the year groups. We will log the children into the app on the day and get them familiar with how the website works.

To celebrate the launch of Times Table Rockstars, we will also be holding a ‘Rockstar Day’ on the first day of next half term (Monday 6th June). On this day, children can come to school dressed as rock stars or alternatively in normal dress-down clothing. Please note that this is for Year 2 children only.

We will also be watching snippets of an edited PG version of ‘The School of Rock’. If you would not like your child to watch this film, then please inform your child’s class teacher or teaching assistant.

Many thanks,

The Year 2 Team

Year 4 | Langley Primary School

Revision games

To help support your children with the upcoming Year 2 tests, I will be posting a range of games that you may wish to use to support your children at home with recapping objectives.

Today’s game looks at odd and even numbers.

In school we sing, ‘2,4,6,8, we are even we are great!’ to help us remember. But don’t forget numbers ending in 0 are also even. An even number can be divided by 2 and shared equally.

Reminder- Year 2 key days

Year 2 PE during Summer term will be on a Friday (outdoors) and a Wednesday (indoors).

Please note that Year 2 will be returning to Base Camp during this half term and this will take place on a Thursday afternoon (This will begin from week 2- 5th May).

As we move into Summer term, and fingers crossed for some warmer weather, please ensure that all children have a water bottle in class each day.

Thank you for your support over the Spring term. Have a lovely Easter break!

Best wishes,

The Year 2 Team