Reminder: Severn Hospice Walk tomorrow

Please remember that the children need to bring suitable clothing for our walk tomorrow:
Waterproof jacket/ warm coat with a hood
Suitable trousers
Warm jumpers

It is very muddy around Apley Woods so it is very important that they have wellies or old boots that they can walk in. They will also need a spare pair of shoes for back at school please. They may want to bring a plastic bag to take muddy shoes home in.

Thank you,

The Year 5 Team

Severn Hospice Walk Friday 29th November

The children will be leaving school to visit Severn Hospice and complete a sponsored walk around Apley Woods on Friday 29th November.

Please note that it is dress-down day. It is important that the children are dressed appropriately:
– Waterproof coat
– Warm clothing
– Spare pair of shoes for when we come back to school
– Water bottle

The children will also be given soup free of charge. We will be back in school by 12:30.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to your children’s teacher.

Max Y5 Proove Gravity Exists

Max is so proud of his homework on gravity! We did some research together using the internet and Max came up with the idea of a man made out of a metal screw hanging on a string and a picture of the earth covering a magnet, ‘Magnetic Paul’ is pulled towards the earth (with a gap to show the force) even as it rotates showing how gravity works. Max then made a poster to go with his experiment. He worked very hard and we are very proud of him.