Year 4 Home Learning- Action Required

We have started to introduce the children to Google Classroom. If there is a positive case in our year group (fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen), and our year group is asked to self-isolate, your child will be able to access their learning remotely on this website. To increase your child’s confidence when using this platform, please can you encourage them this week to sign into Google Classroom and complete the Narnia quiz. Your child’s log in details can be found in their reading diaries.

Any questions or issues accessing Google Classroom, please let us know via your child’s reading diary.

Thank you for your support,

The Year 4 Team.

Google Classroom Pupil/Parent Guide

Logging In

If using a laptop:

1. Go to and click on the “Go to classroom” button.

2. Enter your child’s school email address: followed by the password.

3. Pupils will be presented with their classroom.

  If using a mobile app:

Pupils/parents have the opportunity to download the Google classroom app on their handheld device if a laptop isn’t available. It is free but you must remember to use your child’s school login details as opposed to any other Google account that you use at home.

Having logged in and choosing ‘I am a student’ (if there is an option) pupils will be presented with their classroom.

Viewing and Accessing Home Learning

Once logged in to Google Classroom, pupils need to click on the title of their class. Having clicked on this, they will then be in the Classroom. Here they will have 3 tabs in front of them: “Stream“, “Classwork” and “People“.

The “Stream” Page

This is the homepage for the classroom. Any new classwork or messages to the class from your child’s teacher will appear here. This page works similarly to a social network page. The most recent post that a teacher has added to the Google Classroom will be at the top and the oldest will be at the bottom.

The “Classwork” Page

This will allow you to view and access all the work assigned by the teachers. Teachers will upload work by topic. The activities are listed underneath each topic with a due date. When you click on an activity, it will show you the instructions and the option to view the activity.

The “People” page

This displays the class teachers and a list of children in the class. For safeguarding, e-mail access for all child accounts has been turned off.

Accessing and Submitting Classwork

From within the classroom section, clicking on any piece of classwork will display instructions from the teacher, along with any attached resources. Depending on work set, these attachments might include links to an online resource or activity, ebooks or fact sheets, quizzes, or a document template for your child to work from. Clicking on the attachment will open a new tab and allow you to view it.

Attached documents are saved automatically as they are edited and will be sent to the teacher when ‘turned in’. This can be done by clicking the ‘turn in’ button at the top of the document. For classwork that does not require turning in, such as completing an online activity, simply click the ‘mark as done’ button. This will inform the teacher that the activity has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding a piece of classwork, you can send a message to the teacher using the private comments box.


Hopefully, this guide has covered the basics and you should now be ready to start using Google Classroom.