Maths Stay and Play

Thank you for coming to Stay and Play. We hope you were impressed with the children’s maths skills.  You can practise these things at home such as subtracting 2 single numbers by counting back and number bonds to 10.

Helicopter Stories

These stories let children dictate their own stories which are written down exactly as they tell them.  The children then gather around a stage and the stories are acted out. This approach uses the power of story telling to develop key curriculum areas such as creativity, communication and language, personal, social and emotional skills in the EarlyYears, giving children’s stories a voice in a safe space.

Karlie Bassett

Karlie decided to make Easter chocolate cornflake cakes for her homework. She mixed together cornflakes melted chocolate a little golden syrup and chocolate chips, spooned the mixture into cases and topped with colourful chocolate eggs then left in the fridge to set 😊 they were very yummy!