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Den trip to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham!

Today the children in the Den were lucky enough to invite a friend and go to the Sea Life Centre on a trip! They arrived at school extra early to catch a taxi to the train station, a train to Birmingham and then walked to the Sea Life Centre. The children loved seeing the fish and penguins and did a marvelous job of representing Newdale- well done everyone!


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Healthy week in the Den – day five!

To finish our healthy lifestyles week, the children had a go at bubble football!
They really enjoyed rolling, bouncing and in some cases even flipping over in the bubbles!

The children in the Den would like to say a big thank you to Miss Newport for organising the healthy week- they have learnt so much each day.


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This week, as part of our Healthy Lifestyles week, we enjoyed a Zumba session with Miss Thorneycroft! She inspired us all to get moving!

Thanks to those parents who joined us! We hope you enjoyed it!

A special visitor!


This week we all enjoyed listening to an assembly from Kerys Harrop of Birmingham City FC, who has also played for England. She inspired us all to work hard to meet our dreams.

Who is your sporting inspiration and why?

Year 1 Healthy Lifestyles Week

This week we have been learning lots about being healthy. We designed and made healthy sandwiches and today we have been very busy taking part in aerobics and bubble football.

What is your favourite healthy food to eat and exercise to do?


Healthy week in the Den- day four!

Today the children in the Den focused on having a healthy mind. They had another go at guided meditation and then moved onto yoga. The children were very sensible and enjoyed the relaxing music and moves. Well done everyone!


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Healthy week in the Den- day three!

Wow! What a busy morning! The day started with Year 3 Aerobics with Miss Thorneycroft.(Thank you Miss Thorneycroft, it was great fun!)

Then some of the children attended an assembly led by the captain of Birmingham City Ladies football team.

After playtime, the children had a go at guided meditation and really enjoyed it!

Finally, the children worked together to weigh fruit and vegetables using scales.


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Healthy week in the Den- day two!

Today, the children looked at how to have a balanced plate of food and then used our ‘Think before you drink’ display in the dining room to find out the hidden sugars in drinks.

The children learnt lots of new facts and enjoyed creating a large plate of food using the resources box.


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Do you know about hidden sugar?

Yesterday KS1 had Telford & Wrekin’s Healthy Families team come in to deliver an assembly about making sensible choices when it comes to drinks. We learnt that there are lots of hidden sugar in some of the drinks that we choose each day.


What is your favourite drink and how much sugar is in it? Look on the label to help you or you could download the sugar swap app from the Change4Life website and scan the bar code.

Healthy week in the Den- day one!

The children in the Den have been focusing on health and hand hygiene today. They learnt how to use a glow box effectively to check how clean their hands were and then used their super duper clean fingers to bake a delicious banana bread!


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