World Book Day

World book day takes place on 4th March.Β  The school’s whole theme is based around the story Alice in Wonderland.Β  Your child is invited to dress up on that day as a character from the story however, please feel free to send them in any other dressing up clothes.Β  We really don’t want you to go out especially to buy anything.Β  In addition, if your child chooses not to dress up that is absolutely fine too. Nursery also has some washed dressing up clothes ready if any child would like to use those instead, so again please don’t go out and buy anything new.

Thanks again

Mrs Curnow

Ladybugs in Basecamp πŸƒπŸ‚

This morning, Ladybugs enjoyed going to explore Basecamp. 🌳

We talked about the fire we will be having soon, the dangers of fire and a child said “fire will burn you if you touch it” πŸ”₯πŸͺ΅

The children then explored the base camp digging and then transporting the dirt using the wheel barrows.

Another child found a big stick and another found a small stick. We discussed the size difference between the 2 sticks describing them as bigger and smaller. We measured the difference between the sticks. πŸ“πŸͺ΅

If you are learning at home have you been outside exploring? What did you find? Where did you go? Can you send us some photos or a video on evidence me 🌳

Becky and the team 🐞

Ladybugs at home 🐞🏑

I just wanted to say a massive thank you and well done to everyone learning and working from home, you’ve all been amazing!

We have really enjoyed setting challenges and receiving the evidence me photos and videos of all the lovely things you are doing at home as well as your challenges 🏑

These are some more photos of the activities some of the ladybugs children have been up to while at home this week…

Happy Half Term, stay safe and healthy, we will see you back in nursery on the 22nd of February.

Becky and the Team 🐞🌳

Pancake Day πŸ₯ž

Next week during half term is pancake day…

I have added a picture of the recipe and ingredients should you wish to make your own pancakes next week during your half term break πŸ₯ž

Once again I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for working so hard, whether it’s been in nursery or at home. Thank you for all the lovely evidence photo and videos, they are much appreciated! ☺️

Have a lovely, well deserved half term break.

Take care and stay safe,

Becky 🐞 and the Team

Internet safety day

We have talked about keeping safe on the internet today at nursery.Β  One of the useful tools we use is “Smarty the penguin” in which a character has to make good choices in a range of real life scenarios when using the internet.Β  I’d definitely recommend it for you to share again with your child again as this will help establish some safe practises.

Please use the link below and select the appropriate age group.

Mrs Curnow



Chinese New Year! πŸ²πŸ‰

This week in nursery we are looking at the celebration of Chinese New Year. The picture attached shows some exciting ideas you could do at home to celebrate. Making lanterns, dragons and even looking at money.

I have also added some document links to pictures of Chinese New Year and how it’s celebrated. Plus a colour in dragon mask or lantern if you wish to have ago.

I’d love to see any of the activities you do at home, so please continue to send your key workers the lovely photos and videos like you already have been doing.

Again thank you and enjoy πŸ²πŸ‰
Becky 🐞 and the Nursery Team ☺️

This weeks cooking is…

Valentines biscuits!! πŸ₯° πŸͺ

Hopefully at home you will have someone to make, share and eat these biscuits with ❀️

When you are making them there is lots to learn from. You can look at how much you need of something? Do you need more? Less? Can you help with the scales? How many biscuits have you made? Has anyone eaten any? How many are left now?

Don’t forget to post a quick photo to your key workers to show them what you have baked, even if it isn’t the valentines biscuits we love to see them anyway! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Below is all the ingredients, equipment and the recipe you will need…

Enjoy baking! πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ§‘β€πŸ³

Becky 🐞

Ladybugs home learning…🐞

Hello Nursery, I hope you are all staying safe and looking after yourselves ☺️

I’ve been looking through all of the lovely evidence me photos and videos you are sending in to your key workers in Ladybugs. They are fantastic! Whether it’s cooking, getting messy, counting or drawing you are all doing an amazing job!

I’m sharing just a few of the lovely photos we have been sent, see if you can see any of your friends in the pictures? What are they doing? Is there any more activities you might also like to have a go at?

I can see lots of you are doing cooking at home which is amazing! They all look so delicious 🀀 Later on this afternoon I will be posting the cooking activity we would have been doing in Ladybugs this week, should you wish to try it from home πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ§‘β€πŸ³

Don’t forget to share anything you do bake with your key workers on evidence me. I’m sure it will make your key workers very jealous 🀀

Becky 🐞

Chester Zoo Live…

On Friday, the ladybugs children enjoyed watching some of the live feed videos from Chester Zoo. We watched so many different animals being feed, having drinks and playing.

We particularly liked watching the penguins and red pandas being fed. We watched the giraffes eating the leaves off the trees for their lunch. We even saw the cheeky orangutans swinging in the trees.

Throughout the day we watched lots of different animals, we then had our wild and zoo animals out to play with during child initiated play and the children did some lovely mark making on colouring pictures of their favourite animals.

It is still available to use should you wish to take part, if you go to YouTube and type in the search bar Chester Zoo they have their very own channel where you can watch back all the live sessions with the animals.

If you do join in and watch send your key worker some photos or videos on evidence me. What was your favourite animal? Did you learn something new?

Becky 🐞