Ladybugs Key Worker Groups 🐞

From September ladybugs will have lots of new starters joining us. We are really looking forward to meeting you all or in some cases seeing you all again after the summer holiday ☀️

Below is the different colour ladybugs, the children on that colour have been assigned to the key worker underneath. This doesn’t mean you will only see or speak to this person, it just means they are your child’s main key worker and will be doing your children’s learning journeys. You will be able to speak to any member of staff about anything you need support or advice with.

We hope seeing these on the website will help your little one be more familiar with the new faces they will be meeting in September.

Happy Friday!

We will see you all in September,

Becky 🐞🌈

Nursery Phonics Challenge 17th July

Hello Nursery

I hope you have enjoyed some of the Phonics Fun activities as much as I have enjoyed posting them over the past few weeks. To finish off the Summer term and the home learning Phonics posts; here are a few more ideas for fun activities that help with letter and sound recognition also segmenting and blending skills.

Phonics Water Play Activities-

Fishing for Phonemes – 


Do you have any foam letters? Its’ best to choose the sets that include lower case letters. Can you catch them in the bath and stick them on the side of the bath to make words? Or in the paddling pool or water play tray or tub if you have one. You could even stick letters together to make the diagraphs qu, th, sh, ch, ng. What words can you make?

Ping pong fishing nets

You will need some ping pong balls and some egg cartons. Can you catch the phonemes written on ping pong balls and place them in the egg cartons to make CVC words?


Scoop the noodle letters –

Do you have an old foam swimming noodle that you don’t mind cutting up and writing letters on? Can you make CVC words from the letters you scoop up?

Hook-a -Duck- 

Hooking and catching rubber ducks is lots of fun! You could write letters on the bottom or side of the duck.. can you make simple words using the ducks you have caught?

Phoneme Soup-

Fill your bath, water tub or paddling pool with foam, magnetic or other letters and use utensils to make soup. What CVC words can you make?

Have watery Phonics Fun and a really lovely summer! Miss Taylor : )

Nursery Activities Friday 17th July

Good morning nursery, it is a special funky Friday today as it is our last day before the holidays!

Today will be our last suggested activities in the current format (we have put together some fun activities for you to take part in on a weekly basis over the summer if you wish).





I have enjoyed putting together resources for you to take part in over the weeks, but really all the lovely learning and growing has been achieved by your own families. You have all worked so hard so you should be very proud of yourselves!

If you are starting Ladybugs, moving to Mighty Oaks or beginning your journey into our Reception in September, just know that we all feel the same and the staff are ready with warm hearts and big smiles to continue to help you grow and learn. A huge good luck and virtual cuddles to all our children that are moving to different schools, we know you will make everyone proud and flourish!

We hope you have a relaxing summer holidays, we all deserve it I think! I for one will be wishing for some sunshine and hoping you all have lots of fun!

Take care and keep safe.

See you soon, Mrs Cleobury :)

Nursery Phonics Challenge 16th July

Hi Nursery

Today we will look at more ways to practise and learn the Phase 2 Tricky Words. These can’t be ‘sounded out’ so just have to remember what they look like at what order the letters come in the word. The more you see them and read them the more you will remember them. Phase 2 tricky words are – to, no, go, the, into, I

Bean Bag Throw

Practise writing the tricky words in chalk or on paper or even on paper plates. Can you throw the bean bag, ball or even water balloon to land on the correct tricky word?

Tricky Word Bottles-

Fill some bottles, write tricky words and stick them on. Can you throw a hoop or quoit over a bottle. Can you read the tricky word you landed on or nearest to?

Tricky word fly swat-

You will need some fly swatters and some tricky words, either write them or if you have a printer you might like to print off some tricky words on flower cards here- Phase 2 tricky words on flowers

Ask a grown up or sibling to say the tricky word.. who can be the first to swat the fly on the tricky word?!


Tricky word hopscotch-

Have you ever played hopscotch? Ask a grown up to help you draw a hopscotch game on the concrete with chalk or on large pieces of paper. Which tricky word will you land on?

Tricky Word Bowling-

You will need to write the tricky words and stick them on to some skittles if you have some. Can you roll a ball and read the tricky word you have knocked over? Can you aim for one tricky word?

With all of these games remember to read and say the tricky words each time and you’ll be tricky word super readers in no time!

Have Phonics Fun! Miss Taylor : )

Nursery Phonics Challenge 15th July

Hello Nursery

Here is an activity that will help with your super segmenting skills.

CVC Word Making Tray-

You will need:

Some letters- these can be written on pieces of card or paper, or if you have some magnetic or foam letters.

A cup cake baking tray

Some CVC word cards. Either written or if you have a printer you could print these off-

CVC words and pictures

(If you have already printed the picture cards then print from page 4 to just print the word cards.)

You can ask a grown up to read and say the word. What letter sounds can you hear. Use your magic arm to break the word up into phonemes (individual letter sounds). Can you find the letters and put them in the tray to make the word? Once you’ve put the words in the tin can you blend them together to read the word to check you have it right?

Have Phonics Fun! Miss Taylor : )

Nursery Phonics Challenge 14th July

Good Morning Nursery

Phonics Cars– Why not have fun with cars or vehicles and learn and practise phonics at the same time!

You could make a road in the shape of the letters and practising forming them with your car. You could make these or if you have a working printer print this resource-

road alphabet

You could write and then attach a letter on to your cars and park them to make words. Can you make CVC words using 3 cars? You could use the pictures cards and make the word to match the picture.  Can you make words using th, sh, ng, qu, ch too?

You could practise tricky words and even your name by making a car with letters in the spaces.

Why not practise reading tricky words by parking your car on tricky words.Write or ask a grown up to write tricky words no, I, go ,into, the in a car parking space. Ask a grown up or sibling to say the word. Can you find the tricky word and park your car next to the word?

You could even attach a crayon or pen to the back of your car and practise writing letters with your car!

Try to remember to say the sound the letters make as you draw or make them with your cars!

Have Phonics Fun! Miss Taylor : )