Farm on Wheels – Ladybugs 🐷🐔🐮🦆

Today we had a visit from the Farm on Wheels. Ladybugs went out in groups, both the morning and afternoon session got to see lots of animals.

We saw a calf, a sheep, some chickens, ducks and a funny named bird called a quail!

We really enjoyed feeding the ducks and being able to stroke the different animals!

Some of the ladybugs even got to hold, very carefully, a very tiny quail egg.

Balls of wool

Can anyone help?  Nursery are studying farming in the spring term and need balls of wool for an art project.  These can be any size or colour.   If you are able to donate a ball of wool please can you hand them into the office.

Thank you so much for your support.

Mrs Curnow

Christmas events in nursery

Please remember the nursery sing-a-long on Tuesday 17th at 10.30am and 2.30pm.  No tickets are needed but please send children in Christmassy clothes.

On Thursday and Friday the 19th  and 20th December we are holding are Christmas party days.  Children are invited to wear party clothes but please send them in sensible shoes.  Christmas party food contribution lists are available in both rooms.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas!

Wonderful Wednesday

The Mighty oaks and Little acorns children have a special Christmassy week planned next week so there will not be any sessions in the woods taking place.

In January we will restart Wonderful Wednesday on 15th January.  Please look at the following information to see which activities your child is taking part in.  Don’t forget that if your child is going to the woods they will need old clothes, a warm coat and wellies.  They may also need hats, scarves and gloves depending on how cold it is.  These will need name labels in them as the children do misplace them!

purple group – am cooking, pm forest

red group – am cooking, pm forest

green group – am forest, pm cooking

blue group – am forest, pm cooking

little acorns Jo’s group – am forest, pm cooking

little acorns Sophie’s group – am cooking, pm forest