Last 2 days

A message from Miss Cook.

With only 2 days to go we are happy for the children to wear their PE kits for the last 2 days. Everyone has worked so hard on gaining house points this year, so they all deserve a treat. Plus we know some school shoes are too small and it is too late in the day to buy new ones. We will be applying a strict uniform rule when we return in September. Please share.


School Books

Dear parent / carer,

At this time of year, we send home the books containing the work that your child has completed over this year.

Please note that some subject books will now follow your child through school so these books may not have come home yet: art, geography, history, French and Chance to Shine.

Kind regards…

Art Club 🎨

Today was our last art club session.
Today’s club was inspired by a story! Julia Donaldson’s ‘Paper Dolls’ tells the story of a little girl who makes her own paper dolls, each with their own name and unique features, and the adventures that they have together. After we listened to the story, we made our own paper dolls. Fantastic cutting from all, as well as some beautiful designs. What adventures have your paper dolls had at home?

Fun in the sun

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are so lucky to have a continuation of the lovely, sunny weather this week.

Please ensure you apply sun lotion to your child before they come into school (School staff are not allowed to apply sun lotion) and make sure they have a named water bottle to keep hydrated.

It is also a good idea to send them in with a hat (again please put a name label in it!).

We have opened up some classrooms to allow children the option to come into school at lunchtime should they get too hot.

We never complain about the sun but do understand that rising temperatures can come with warnings that we have to abide by.

Please help us, to help your children feel comfortable in school this week.

Kind regards,

Miss Cook