Mrs Trevor’s Year 2 Zoological Trip

We had a fantastic time on our trip to Zoological.

We really enjoyed travelling to the different continents to see the animals and we looked at their habitats. This linked well with our Science topic, living things and their habitats.

We handled reptiles, watched the animal show and finished off the day with the most spectacular, dazzling bird show. Mrs Goodwin had the best spot for the show with the low, swooping birds! The lemur and parakeets even liked the look of some of us!  

It was incredible!

Mrs Trevor and Mrs Goodwin.

Wild Zoological Trip: Important Information

Good afternoon,

Year 2 are very much looking forward to their trip on Monday. Just a few points to clarify with you.

-Children are expected to wear school uniform but as they will be on their feet for the majority of the day, we ask that they wear comfortable walking footwear. E.g. trainers.

-As the children will be travelling by coach, we would like to offer parents the opportunity to provide their children with a mask to wear for the course of the journey. This is your choice and all adults on the trip will be wearing a mask for the coach trip. All parent helpers and teachers will also be carrying out lateral flow testing, a maximum of 24 hours before the trip.

-The children will be expected to look after and carry their own lunch (even those who have ordered from school) so please could children bring a bag to carry this in. We suggest a backpack that can then be stored in the educational room at Zoological.

We look forward to a fun trip!

Have a great weekend.

Many thanks,

The Year 2 Team

Year 2 Maths

In Year 2 Maths this week we are looking at adding two 2 digit numbers together. It is quite a tricky skill! If you would like to support your child with this at home, here is the method we are currently using in school.

1st step=partition

2nd Step- Add the tens

3rd step- Add on the units

Many thanks for your support,

Team Year 2