Daily Literacy and Easter Information

Good morning,

Here is today’s literacy:
Year 5 Day 5

Over the Easter break, it would be great for the children to continue to read and practise spellings, but we will not be setting formal activities over this time. Y5 Homework W6

We have attached some links to this document which you can choose to do at your leisure. You do not have to use these websites, they are just for support.

Easter break

You will still be able to contact us via normal channels. We hope you all have a happy and healthy Easter break with your families,

Miss Myler, Mr Banfield, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Stack

Parent to Teacher communication

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have set up a new email address which will allow you to communicate with your class teacher should you need to. This would be a great platform for you to share positive experiences at home whilst allowing a more direct form of contact in these unprecedented circumstances. The address is: Newdale.year5team@taw.org.uk

Children should continue to use Purple Mash 2email and the homework blog as their main forms of communication.

Best wishes,

Mr Banfield and Miss Myler

You’re A Wizard Harry

Today’s activities are Harry Potter themed! As many of you know, Harry Potter is one of my favourite things. Suggested activities:

  • Write and cast a spell
  • Read a chapter of your favourite Harry Potter book (I’m currently reading Goblet of Fire)
  • Watch a Harry Potter film
  • Draw a character (tutorials on Youtube)
  • Listen to the Harry Potter songs (also on Youtube)
  • Play quidditch in your garden. Can anyone find the rules of the game?

Don’t forget to post your work onto the blog.

If you don’t like Harry Potter as much, here are the other activity sheets for you to carry on with.

Year 5 Day 3

Most importantly, have a magical day!

Miss Myler
p.s. I am still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts, so if anyone finds it (or could write me one) I’d really appreciate it if you could send it to me via the blog!

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information report

For the attention of Parents of children with Special Educational Needs and/ or disabilities:
Each year we write our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information report which details the provision we have provided for children with additional needs at Newdale over the academic year.

This year we would like your input. Please can you read the 2018/2019 report (http://www.newdaleschool.org.uk/home/curriculum/sen/) then answer the six survey monkey questions (https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VL5QJRB).

Your feedback will be anonymous and really is appreciated as it will help to shape how we write the 2019/2020 Information report.

Please could you do this by next Friday, 10th April.

Many thanks,

Miss Plimmer


Google Classroom

Dear Parents/Carers,


I understand that some of you have been having issues connecting onto Classroom from home so I have created a document to run you through step by step which is attached below. I cannot stress enough how important it is that your child enters their username and password carefully using the correct punctuation and capital letters where necessary. I hope this helps. If not then please email through Purple Mash.




Mr Banfield

Google Classroom login

Daily Literacy Activities

Good morning,

I hope you had a lovely weekend!
Here is today’s literacy work.
Today’s grammar focus is on adverbials. Don’t worry, there is a revision card on there to remind the children what these are. There are then activity sheets to complete. The answers are at the end of the work for the children to self-mark.
They could write their answers up on paper, type them up on PurpleMash or Word or upload them to the blog as usual. We can’t wait to see what they produce.
Miss Myler

Daily Maths Activities

Dear Parents/Carers

Alongside the Purple Mash project that we have set this morning, we would like the children to be completing shorter daily activities which will revise key concepts from the Year 5 curriculum. These resources have been designed to allow children to work independently to watch a video, complete the activities and mark their own work.


Step 1: Watch the video for the day’s lesson.

Step 2: Click “Get the Activity” for a downloadable PDF which will test your child’s understanding of the mathematical skill. This could be printed or just completed on paper. Please upload a photo to the homework blog or as an attachment in a Purple Mash email to your class teacher. 

Step 3: Click “Get the Answers” in order to check your child’s understanding.

Please commence on “Week 1” and follow the scheme, completing one lesson per day.

If you wish to complete other Maths activities, we strongly recommend going back to Year 3 and Year 4 activities in order to revise all skills which are tested in Year 6.

We always appreciate your support at home and have been really impressed by how much effort has been put into home learning in these strange times.

Best wishes,


Year 5

Activity ideas

Here is a picture from my daily walk at two different times of day. How does the atmosphere (mood) of the image change depending on the time of day?

Literacy – Write a setting description about one (or both) of the pictures.
Literacy – Start a story – where might this path lead?
Art – Draw or paint the scene.
Geography – Research woodland areas (their animals and habitats)
Science – Research the life-cycle of a tree, plant or woodland animal of your choice.
PE – Go for a nature walk or jog while the sun lasts!

Mr Banfield is also setting work on google classroom which we use on the chrome books in school.

As it is almost the weekend, we wanted to remind you that the children will not be expected to complete home learning over the weekend (unless they really want to!). 

I hope you are all well,
Miss Myler