Arthog refunds

We have started to process the refunds for the Year 6 Arthog trip.  All money paid through Parentpay, has now been refunded back to your Parentpay account.  Some parents chose to transfer money paid for the London trip, over to the Arthog trip.  As this money was paid direct to school by cash or cheque, we are unable to process this refund through Parentpay.  Instead we will have to issue a cheque.  We are currently waiting for a new cheque book to arrive, so these will be done after the Easter break.  Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience.

Yr 6 Arthog Trip

Dear Parents/Carers


Unfortunately, the Yr 6 Arthog trip will no longer be able to go ahead.  With the restrictions in place, the centre will be unable to open on the dates we booked and no further dates are available.


The year 6 team hope that at some point in the Summer term, when restrictions have eased,  that we may be able to organise some Arthog outreach days for the children to enjoy.


Refunds will be made to your Parentpay accounts but this may take a few weeks for us to process.


We understand this is really disappointing for the children and only hope they get the ‘Arthog experience’ at some point during their secondary journey.


Kind regards,


Year 6 Team

Changes to the Year 6 classes

Due to staffing issues caused by the pandemic, we have needed to temporarily re-group the year 6 classes.

As you are aware, Mrs. Thomas remains at home and will continue to support children through online teaching, supported in class by Mrs. Lewis.

Miss Clay will support children face to face with the support of Miss Bethwaite.

Please know that any changes we have made are temporary and are to support your child in the best possible way.