Gabriella – Year 3 Home Learning

Gabriella did lots of other things last week. She has been looking after the sunflowers that she planted and doing lots of cooking for the family.
Gabs also has 5 caterpillars that she is taking care of and waiting for them to turn into butterflies so that she can release them when their wings are hard enough. Hopefully they will turn into chrysalis’s soon 😀

Gabriella Year 3 Home Learning

Gabriella did some great work last week. She enjoyed literacy and writing her story about a drawing that came to life. She worked hard in everything. She did a great job with spellings and times table recall but lost concentration with her numeracy test a little.

Year 3 Spelling W/C 6th July ALL groups

Here is the second week of recapping all the year 3 spellings!

ALL spelling groups will have the same spellings this week.

Week 6 spellings – Year recap all

If you are unsure of the definition of a word, use a dictionary or online dictionary to find the meaning. You could use the meaning to help write a sentence to help learn them. This is great for handwriting practise too!

Remember you can also create a scribble spelling sheet one day to help you practise like this 

Izabel’s homework

Izabel’s work from last week. She has a special interest in science and technology, so every week we study different scientists. Last week was Dimitri Mendeleev and the periodic table. We looked at the chemical characteristics of some elements.

Year 3 Maths Summer Week 5 W/C 29th June

Maths Summer Term 2 – week 5

This week’s maths is all about angles. You will be looking angles in shapes, comparing angles, different types of lines and then Friday Fluency.

REMEMBER – try and practise your times tables on TTRS – I have set up tournaments. So get multiplying!!!!!

There are videos for each lesson followed by the activity sheets. Copy and paste the video link.  If you can’t print the sheets do not worry as you can just write out the calculations or answers on a piece of paper just as the sheets model.

Any further queries, email Mrs Trevor at


Gabriella – Year 3 Home Learning

last week ( 15th – 19th ) Gabriella enjoyed the design work week where she actually decided to create her own game based on games she has played before. An adaptation of monopoly and snakes and ladders was used to create Gabriella’s game ‘candy land’ we had a lot of fun playing it! She also completed all the white Rose maths and sword in the stone work.