Jacob.A fond memories of Newdale poem

Cheerful children are bouncing around,
While all the year 6’s are leaving town,
All the year 6 teachers are crying on their sleeves,
While the everlasting friends are moving school,
We will miss them all,

Terrific trips,
Arthog was the best,
To get us away from all these tests,
The school dinners were alright,
But I always will take a bite,
The outstanding school was so cool,
But all the teachers are lying saying we will miss you all,
Newdale I will miss you so much,
But I really like it when you ask ‘What do you want for lunch?’

Sofia fond memories of Newdale poem

Terrific teachers,
Forever friends,
Amazing trips,
Funny memories will never end

Awesome teachers,
Lifetime friends,
Challenging trips,
Having fun all the time.

Snowy snow dome,
Making friends,
All these memories,
It is hard to say goodbye.

I am so happy i made these friends,
Funny Ivanina,
Crazy Enoch,
Amazing Natalia,
I will miss this school,
All the funny times,
All the sad times,
Goodbye for now.

gethin fond memories of Newdale.

Nice trips,
Lovely subjects,
Fantastic PE,
Awesome Miss Morrow,
Amazing Miss Pablos,
Enjoying bubble foootball,
Fun games,
Engaging teachers,
Exciting momments,
Outstanding Newdale,
Remarkable lessons.

Finnan Fond memories of Newdale poem

Terrific teacher
Engaging trips
Fantastic friends
Cozy classroom
Fun work
Tremendous team work
Joyful year 6
Funny friends
Challenging trips
Energetic teachers
Fun games
Fluffy guinea pigs
Happy moments
Life long friendship
Joyful classroom
Cheerful friends
Sporty friends

Natalia Fond Memories of Newdale poem

Joyful children,
Happy teachers,
Awsome guinea pigs,
Loving memories.

Fabulous Arthog,
Lovable London,
Snowy Snowdone,
fabulous trips.

Funny Ivanina,
Kind Sofia,
Crazee Enoch,
Helpful Kadee.

Time to go,
Good bye for now,
see you all soon,
Love you all much.

Natalie-Fond Memories Of Newdale

Terrific trips,
Wonderful teachers,
Hilarious friends,
Outstanding school.

Amazing teamwork,
Funny moments,
Fantastic memories,
Outstanding school.

Cheerful year groups,
Emotional ending
Upsetting goodbyes,
Outstanding school.

Fabulous friends,
Rememberable people,
Wonderful wheelie day,
Outstanding school.

Kind teachers,
Magnficent lessons,
Happy memories,
Outstanding school. :)

Jacob C Fond Memories of Newdale

Fond memories of Newdale Primary school Poem

Fantastic friends,
Amazing teachers,
Colourful classroom,
Amazing Trips,
Challenging work,
Active PE,
Amazing Newdale,
Great memories,
Forever friends,
Enjoyable Games,
Challenging trips,
Cheerful friends,
Mischevious children,
Stresful work,
unforgetable friends,
Fantasic trips,
And the Outstanding Newdale.

Lola- Baking homework

We forgot to post last week and nearly forgot to take a picture before the cake was eaten! Lola chose to make an old school iced vanilla sponge last week for her homework, it was delicious! We are looking forward to a victoria sponge this week.