Adrian – maths

Adrian was a little bit busy tackling his maths questions. 7 more pages completed and more fun still to come

Sunshine Absorbency

Well done to all of those who have so far taken part in the Science challenge of the week.
We even had a little go in the Pablos household today and it was a really interesting experiment. We got so carried away, we decided to see how far we could make the dye travel! It was further than you would think, if you use the most efficient absorber!
Have fun and keep posting your Science Pics!

Science Activities

Mrs Pablos here! As the Science Lead at Newdale, I would love to see the whole school having a go at Science at home. We all love a Science experiment and there are so many that you can do using every day items at home! So the first challenge that I set for the Newdale Science Brainiacs is….

Sunshine Absorbency.

See the attached document.

Please upload your photos and findings.
I’m really looking forward to seeing how you all get on!

Sunshine Absorbency wk 1