Litter pick

One of our activities in nursery this week has been to think about looking after our environment. Today purple and blue group have been for a litter pick around school. We discussed not touching the rubbish as it may be harmful. The children carefully used the litter pickers and put the rubbish in a bag. We’ll let you know how much rubbish we collect by the end of tomorrow.

Stay and play

We had a wonderful time in stay and play. The children were able to show their parents and carers some of our maths activities. Thank you to everyone who attended we hope you found it useful and informative.

Nursery sports day

On Monday 17th June the nursery will be holding their annual sports day (weather permitting).  This takes place on the school field at 10am and 2pm.  Please meet your child on the field after entering via the phase 3 gate (behind the school hall).  If your child does not attend Monday sessions they are still welcome to take part in the races but remain your responsibility.  Please drop them off in nursery so that your child can join their group.

If possible, please can your child wear matching colours for their colour group e.g. if they are in blue group they might wear a blue hair bobble or T shirt.  Ask your child’s keyworker if you are unsure of their assigned colour.  Please can they also wear appropriate footwear, trainers are ideal.

When the races are finished please remain on the field and allow children to return to nursery first.  When we are all safely back inside you are then able to follow us down and sign your child out in order to take them home (or they can remain in nursery if they have a longer session).

Please only take videos or photographs of your own child.

Hope to see you there.

Dress down day

We are taking part in the school dress down day on Wednesday the 12th June.  Nursery are asking for donations on that day of cakes ready for the school fair on Thursday 13th of June.  We will be running our own cake stall.  Hope to see you there.

Maths Stay and Play

The nursery (Ladybugs, Little acorns and Mighty oaks) are having a Stay and Play session on Wednesday 12th June at  8.45 to 9.20 am.  If your child attends this session please come along and play some maths games and activities with them.  We look forward to seeing you then.

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