Mighty oaks Welly Wednesday

We are planning to start our Welly Wednesday sessions on the 23rd September.  Please check the list below to see which activity your child is taking part in.

Orange group: am in the forest, pm cooking

Blue group: am in the forest, pm cooking

Green group:  am in the forest, pm cooking

Yellow group:  am cooking, pm in the forest

Purple group: am cooking, pm in the forest

Red group:  am cooking, pm in the forest

If your child is going to the forest please ensure that you send them with named wellies and appropriate outdoor clothes e.g. old jeans, a waterproof coat and so on.  If you are unsure which colour group your child is in please just ask at the gate at drop off or collection time.

Thank you for your support

Mrs Lisa Curnow

Nursery phonics challenge

We are concentrating hard at the moment on developing the listening skills needed to ensure that we will be able to differentiate sounds.  Please can you support this at home by using the website phonics play.  On this site just add the user name: march20 and the password: home.  Then select the phase 1 game “Welcome to the zoo”.  Please begin by meeting the animals, can your child name the animals and predict the sound they might make?  You can then move on to the main game in which they guess which animal is being delivered to the zoo.

Have fun!

Ladybugs Listening Walk 👂🏻🐞

This morning our ladybugs children went outside for a walk around the school grounds. We were focusing on different sounds and what could be making those sounds as part of our Letters and Sounds session.

The children were brilliant whilst walking around, they listened to all instructions given and heard so many sounds.

We heard…

Birds – “tweeting 🐦

Cars – “vroom” “beep beep” 🚘

Truck – “very loud truck” 🚛

Leaves “cracking, scrunching” 🍂

Nursery After School Club ⭐️

Since we have been back in After School club, we have asked the children what they would like to do in their after school club time.

We have listened and made notes of some of the activities they would like to do, so far we have played in the ladybugs mud kitchen making pies, cakes and different drinks. We have used the sand pit to make castles, used sand moulds and looked at the sand wet and dry.

We have even used the snap cubes to make our very own Numberblocks characters and then watched a number blocks episode in our quiet time.

We cannot wait to see what other activities the children will choose to do this term and we look forward to sharing them with you ⭐️🐞🌳

Homes topic

If your child is in the older room for 3 and 4 year old’s called Mighty oaks, our current theme is “Homes”.  Please can you support this topic by sending in a photograph of your home and a picture of your family.  We will talk about these pictures and display them in class next week and would ideally like to share them on Monday 7th September.

Thank you for your support in advance.

Lisa Curnow

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