Nursery Phonics Challenge 10th July

Hi Nursery!

Well what a fun filled active week you’ve been having. For today’s phonics challenge you will need a space, clear of any trip hazards as you are going to be fast runners moving quickly around the room or garden!

Here is a link to a video showing you the fun Physical Phonics game ‘Pirates and Sailors’ that you might like to try… You will need someone to play with but this can be just one other, your grown up or a sibling.

Who will be the winner and match all those initial sounds?!

Have Phonics Fun! Miss Taylor : )


Nursery Activities Friday 10th July

Good morning nursery, happy Friday!

We hope you have had a lovely week and enjoyed our ‘Mini Olympics’ theme. To celebrate, I have attached some certificates that you could print off :)


Our final activities for today include a dress up race and of course, a funky Friday dance!


Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Nursery Phonics Challenge 9th July

Hi Nursery

As you were so fantastic at finger fitness yesterday you might like some other ideas to try in today’s challenge.

Can you warm up your hands and fingers again for day 2 of the Finger Phonics Olympics!

The first ‘sport’ is Phonics tongs (or tweezers).. Do you have some kitchen tongs or tweezers you can use to catch letters and make words? Can you make diagraphs, th, sh, qu, ch? Make tricky words and even your name. This could be in sand, water, paper or simply on the floor!

Another finger Phonics ‘sport’ you might to try is… Pipe cleaner Phonics!

Can you bend and move the pipe cleaners to make letters and words?

Have Phonics Fun Miss Taylor : )

Nursery Phonics Challenge 8th July

Hello Nursery

We hope your are enjoying your active week! Today’s challenge is going to be a workout for your fingers. Improving those vital fine motor skills and strength in your hands whilst having phonics fun at the same time.

You will need some playdough if you don’t have any why not try making some. You can use Mrs Cleobury’s fab video to help you.

How about starting with a warm up..! Practice some finger fitness with a ‘dough disco’ alphabet song which can be found here-

Now your fingers and hands are ready to get making in the playdough! Can you make the letters of the alphabet using your playdough?

You can do this from memory or write the letter first and then mould the playdough to make the letter. If you have a printer you might like to print off these playdough mats.

Phase-3-Digraphs Playdough Mats


Can you make words using your playdough?

There is lots of fun to be had with Phonics and playdough. Why not try..

Using magnetic letters to make imprints of letters and words..

Writing letters or words with your fingers or other tools like sticks or straws..

Can you write tricky words or your name?

Please remember if you are using small items like beads or marbles or sticks to always have a grown up with you!

Have Phonics Fun! Miss Taylor : )


Nursery Mini Olympics & Wet Weather Play

Good afternoon nursery,

We wanted to let you know that on Friday 10th July, nursery will be taking part in their own version of the ‘Mini Olympics’ theme in the school hall. We will be using the equipment to take part in fun games. We would be grateful if your child could wear clothing that will able them to move freely during these activities (such as PE clothes and trainers).

Also, a little reminder that nursery go outside every day. We are not too sure where the sunshine has gone, so during this weather we suggest to bring a jumper/cardigan to keep warm and a raincoat each day as we are running low on spare clothes. Fingers crossed the sun returns soon!

Kind Regards, The Nursery Team

Nursery Phonics Challenge 7th July

Hello Nursery

This mornings Phonics challenge is all about dancing and learning letter names and sounds.

This Alphabet Song is a fun way to learn the names of the letters. Remember this is the letter name and not the sound they make so maybe you can make the dance and song even better by saying the sound the letter makes each time.

In these Phonics workout and songs you can practise saying the name, the sound and then a word with the sound as the initial letter each time and stretch and a dance at the same time.

Here is the link to another Letter sound work out –

Now how about you have a try at making up and creating your own Phonics dance. Can you make the shapes of the letters in lower case to music. Can you say the sounds of the letters as you create them. You could do it to your own choice of music!  Challenge yourself to include the diagraphs qu, ng, ch, sh, th too!

Have Physical Phonics Fun! Miss Taylor : )

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