Mighty Oaks learning journeys

We are all loving the way our parents of Mighty Oaks children are being very creative in their child’s learning journey! From the outdoor activities to the home baking, yummy! and the fantastic art you are proudly displaying.

Not forgetting how you have Incorporated math and literacy into their daily routines with amazing printout sheets and books, to what’s surrounding them at home.

I can see some children have even took an interest in different occupations of life, like gardeners, electricians, builders, chefs and even nature explorers. 🐛

How nice is it to see them enjoying homeschooling, smiling and happy.

Quoting Marvin’s words

” storms don’t last forever, be safe”🌈 ❤️Mrs Giordano

Nursery Activities Friday 3rd April

Good morning nursery, we have made it to the last day of the term!

We hope you have found our daily activities over the last two weeks useful. We will be picking these up again after Easter.

If you would still like some ideas during the Easter break, check out this list of ‘100 things to do indoors’. Why not turn it into a fun game by putting a few of the game names into a hat and choosing a surprise.

Although this holiday is different, we hope you can make the most of it and have fun with your family in your home. Keep smiling and stay safe.

Kind Regards, The Nursery Team.


Bunny Mask

Easter Hats


Nursery Guidance On Writing And Letters

Have a little look at the following attachments on how you can support your children with writing and letters during your time at home.

The writing activities are suggested for all children. There are also some lovely phonic game suggestions for Mighty Oaks (phase 2).

For Ladybug children, your main focus will be to develop their listening skills using phase 1. Our daily activities provide listening activity suggestions you could use to attune your child to sounds around them and build their foundations ready for phase 2.

Please do not worry too much, try not to make it ‘work based’. Essentially, children in Early Years learn through play. Above all, it is about having fun.

The nursery team are so proud of you all.

Tips & Guidance On Writing (Nursery)



Home Schooling – Ladybugs 🌈🐞

Adding to the post by Mrs Giordano, I am also blown away by the lovely evidence me observations and photos all you lovely ladybugs have being doing together at home.

Whether it’s following the lovely activities Mrs Cleobury has been putting on the website every morning or doing your own thing, they are all amazing and lovely to see.

Ive seen lots of amazing things so far from baking, to picnics, easter projects and even some science experiments!

Thank you once again for sending these into to us, keep the lovely photos coming through the evidence me app! We look forward to seeing lots more…

Stay safe 🌈

Home schooling

Wow I am overjoyed with the response from parents observations and responses to our daily tasks, next steps and suggestions. Particularly in Red group, these have kept me smiling on a daily basis. I’m really proud of you all and how you are adapting, parents and children. This is not easy for little minds to understand especially most of all them not being able to socialise with their friends and play. Hopefully we will see each other soon but for now keep up the fantastic work!

Big round of applause to you all, from Mrs Giordano

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