E-safety Top Tip – Internet connected devices

Has your child written their Christmas list yet?

I’m sure they have included a few Internet connected devices, such as:

  • smart speakers, for example Google Home and Amazon Echo
  • wearables, for example a Fitbit and an Apple Watch
  • toys with voice or image recognition, for example Hello Barbie™ and Furby Connect
  • robots, drones and other mechanical toys, controlled via an app, such as Dash and Dot.

All of these items would make great Christmas gifts and are useful to have around the home.  However, many parents don’t realise that internet connected devices have the same risks as devices like smartphones and tablets. These risks can be more likely to happen if the devices aren’t used or set up properly.

For ideas and tips about how to keep your family safe with internet connected devices, visit the NSPCC website.


Christmas cards and gifts

Dear Parents and Carers,


Despite everything that is going on in the outside world, here at Newdale we want to hold onto as many traditions as we can.


We know that Christmas cards and kind gifts sent in for staff are a huge part of Christmas and we are keen for the children to be able to swap cards safely. In order for this to happen, we will be asking you to do the following –


Please do not allow your children to lick the envelopes for obvious reasons.


Cards must only be brought in the week beginning 7th December. The last date that we can accept cards will be Friday 11th December. We will not be accepting any cards past this date.


The reason for this is that once the cards are brought in, they will be isolated in a sealed box. Following an isolation period, the cards will then be distributed to the children in the week beginning 14th December.


If we were to receive cards in after the cut off date, we would not be able to isolate them in time to send out. Please do not send any cards or gifts in after the 11th as we will not be able to accept them.


Thank you for your continued support.

BEAM services update

Please find below an update from BEAM about their service and how to access it:


Update regarding accessing Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin Beam and Ludlow Beam


We now have a simplified process for accessing support!


Parents/carers and Young People can request support via our new registration system at https://www.childrenssociety.org.uk//beamshropshire

Scroll down the page, click ‘register with us’ and complete the online form.   If more support is required from those already registered with the service, then a shortened form will ask for basic details via the same link.


Please feel free to advertise far and wide!

We are no longer accepting reuqests for service via email – all requests should be sent via the online system.  We will redirect requests received by email to the new system.


Our email address has changed – ShropshireBeam@childrenssociety.org.uk


Please do get in touch should you have any queries or need any information about the service.