Learning update- Maths and Literacy in Year 2

Literacy- Over the last couple of weeks, Year 2 have been looking at the story, ‘Shark in the Dark’ by Peter Bentley. Next week, the children will be retelling the story, thinking carefully about their language choices. The children have blown us away this week with their use of amazing adjectives to describe the different characters in the story. If you’d like to discuss this story with your child, there are many links to the book in audio/picture form on Youtube.

Objectives covered include:

-Using a comma to separate adjectives (describing words) in a noun phrase. E.g. The mean, wicked shark chased the flustered, scared fish.

-Using conjunctions to extend our sentences. E.g. The mean, wicked shark chased the flustered fish because he wanted to eat them! OR The cruel shark swam after the frightened fish but they managed to escape!

-Using adverbs to describe verbs (action words).
E.g. The little, tiny fish quickly swam away. OR The mean, scary shark furiously chased the fish.

In Maths the children have been looking at multiplication and division. As this is a new skill for most children in Year 2, we have been using stem sentences to help us understand the meaning of these symbols. (✖️= lots of and ➗=sharing into equal groups)

We have also used ‘Numbots’ and ‘Hit the Button’ to help improve our rapid recall of multiplication.

Many thanks,

The Year 2 Team



Nursery’s Art Day

Nursery really enjoyed taking part in Art day by being creative in so many different ways. They’ve worked so hard on their, butterflies and dinosaurs and the results are masterpieces 👏🏻🧑🏾‍🎨👨🏼‍🎨