Happy Easter Year 1!

You have all worked so hard in your first two weeks of home schooling. We have been so impressed with the photos and work that you have shared with us this week, so please scroll back to last week’s post to find the star certificates! ⭐I am sure you can all think of something you are really proud of achieving this week – we would love to see your certificates shared on the blog.

We are now beginning the Easter holidays and we know you all deserve a well-earned break so we won’t be setting you daily Maths and Literacy activities. However, please keep up with practising your spellings and aim to read at least three times a week. Don’t forget you can access lots of free e-books using Oxford Owl (instructions are in reading diaries). 📚                       https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

We know that this break from school is going to be slightly different so we have created a list of fun activities that you can do –  without needing to leave your home! Please also feel free to look back on any of the Literacy and Maths activities (particularly online and PurpleMash games) that you have been set over the past couple of weeks – I am sure the children would enjoy playing some of these games again! Remember, there is no obligation to complete these, we just thought they may be useful to have…and fun for the whole family!

Year 1 Easter Activity Ideas

All of the links to the Easter activity ideas are below:

Easter Bunny Cutting Skills activity

Easter wordsearch

Scavenger Hunts

Easter egg number bond jigsaw

100 Things to do Indoors

Easter egg nest recipe

Fingerprint Minibeasts Craft Instructions

Minibeast Pebbles Craft Instructions

Outdoor Activity Cards

Sketching Tutorials – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5XMF3Inoi8R9nSI8ChOsdQ

We hope you enjoy having a go at some of these activities!

Happy Easter to you all,

Miss McCullagh, Miss Hailey, Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Lee x 😊

Friday 3rd April – Year 1 Maths Activity

Hello everyone,

You have been working really, really hard to learn the number bonds to 20 this week so today, you can choose your maths activities. Some are number bond themed and, as a special treat, some are Easter themed – you might like to choose one of each!

Friday 3rd Maths Activities

Easter Themed Maths Activities

The links to the online games are:



We hope you enjoy!

Thursday 2nd April – Year 1 Maths Activity

Before you begin your main maths activity today, we thought it might be fun for you to have a go at a Maths scavenger hunt around your house. Don’t worry if you are missing some of the items – you could always swap them for something that you do have!

You are all working so hard on practising your number bonds to 20, so today we have set you a few challenges. You may decide to focus on one of them, or you could give them all a go! The only thing you need for today’s activity, is the number cards that you made yesterday 🙂

Thursday 2nd Maths Activities

The third activity, refers to an online game. This link is as follows, please refer to the picture (above) for instructions:


We hope you have lots of fun today!

Wednesday 1st April – Year 1 Maths Activity

Hi Year 1,

It was really lovely to see that so many of you enjoyed exploring the number bonds to 20 yesterday. Today, you are going to play a couple of games to carry on practising – and hopefully get a little quicker.

Please keep the number cards that you use in today’s activity, as we will need them again tomorrow.

Wednesday 1st Maths Activities

Rainbow poster of number bonds to 20

1 – 20 Digit cards

We hope you enjoy them… keep up the fantastic home learning everybody! ⭐⭐

Tuesday 31st March – Year 1 Maths Activity

Today, you have got a new challenge to complete! You are going to be exploring number bonds to 20 and having a go at writing the addition number sentences that match.

Tuesday 31st Maths Activities

Part-Whole Model

Rainbow poster of number bonds to 20

If you have any questions, please remember you can always get in touch with us via the Year 1 email address. 😊

Year 1 Guided Reading 📚

Last week, we set you a guided reading activity based on a story called ‘A Monster Surprise’, and we loved seeing your creative work and hearing that so many of you had enjoyed this story. We would like to share another story with you today. This one is called ‘The Making of Milton’. You can listen to the story being read at this link:

(also included on the PDF of activities below)

We have included here some questions to discuss and some fun activities that you may like to have a go at, at home. Some of these activities may take a little bit more time so please don’t feel like they all must be completed today – you may like to spread them out over the week. We can’t wait to see your creative projects this week! 😃

The Making of Milton Questions and Activities

How to make your own jar of courage

Jar of Courage Instruction writing


Monday 30th March – Year 1 Maths Activity

Hi Year 1 and families,

We hope you had a lovely, restful weekend. Please find attached your Maths activity for today. You are going to be recapping the number bonds to 10. There are a selection of different activities that you can choose from – and a challenge for those of you that are up for it!

Monday 30th Maths Activities


Have fun! 😃

Well done on completing your first week of home learning ⭐

As we are entering Friday afternoon, we just wanted to say a big well done on completing your first week of home learning (to parents and children!). This week, we have all had a totally new experience and everybody has had challenges to overcome, but we are so impressed with the effort and hard work that has gone into home learning. We have loved all the pictures and work that you have sent us  – it really looks like the children are enjoying their learning at home!

We thought it might be nice to send out a little reflection to end the week, so that you can think about 5 important things that you have accomplished or enjoyed in your first week of home learning (this could be for the children – or for the adults). This doesn’t necessarily need to be written down, we just thought it might be a nice activity to talk about – or even just to think about!

You may also know, that on a Friday afternoon in school we choose our Star of the Week. This week, we thought all pupils who have been working hard at home may deserve their special certificate so maybe you can decide together what you are most proud of this week. It could be working hard at PE, creating a lovely drawing or painting, perhaps a piece of writing that you are really proud of or maybe you have been working really hard on your Maths activities this week. Whatever is is, we would love to see your certificates and reasons on the blog or email.

Thank you for all of your hard work,

Year 1 Team ⭐

Friday 27th March – Year 1

Hi Year 1,

We hope you have had a super first week in your home schools 😊 Here are your two morning activities for Friday.


We would like you to have a go at some writing linked to our Science topic of ‘Everyday Materials’. This activity has been set as a 2Do on PurpleMash.  You need to choose three materials to write about. You can choose three pictures from the clip art box on the right hand side to drag into your work. In the writing boxes, you can write a sentence telling us a little bit of information about that material. You might like to think about what the material is called, what properties it has and what it can be used for. On the left hand side, there are some prompts and sentence starters that you could use!

Here is what your work might look like. This piece of work has even been marked with the sunshine pen – can you remember what you need to use to get the sunshine pen?


You have been working really hard this week to practise finding one more and one less. Today, is your final lesson on finding one more and one less so I have given you a selection of challenges. You can decide which one, or ones, you would like to have a go at. Don’t forget you can also continue practising by playing the computer games we have recommended this week.

Friday 27th

We hope you enjoy your activities today!

Miss McCullagh and Miss Hailey 🙂🙂

Year 1 Rewards ⭐🌈

We are so proud of all the super work you have been doing at home and it has really been cheering us up to see how hard you have all been trying!  At school, when you try your best you sometimes get stickers as a special treat! We thought you might like some stickers to use as rewards for super work at home. These could be printed and stuck on using sticky tape, or you may even like to create your own sticker chart and see how many stickers you can collect during your home learning! If you don’t have a printer, you could design your own stickers! (this could even be a special art lesson at home to design and colour your own sticker page).

Reward stickers

Keep up with the excellent work,

Miss McCullagh and Miss Hailey


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