Autumn Term Homework

Proud Moments

As part of our Autumn term homework, we would love to hear about something that has made you or perhaps a grandparent really proud of your child. For example, learning to tie laces, raising money for charity, helping to do the dishes etc. You will receive a special certificate to write your proud moment on that your child will be able to share back in class. It would also be lovely if you would like to post your proud moment on the school homework blog.


Year 1 Homework

There will be no spelling test next Friday, due to revision of the real and nonsense words similar to those the children may encounter in their phonics screening tests.

To support this learning, we will be sending home some practise words. Please can you support your child in reading and sounding out these words. Encourage them to sound out and blend the words using their phonics knowledge.

If you would also like to do some extra practise, the following link has a fun game the children have already played in class.

Many thanks,

Year 1 team.

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