Phase 4 Phonics

Good morning all! Following on from yesterday, I have put together another word search for you to have a go at using the blends we learned yesterday. Who can find them all?

Phase 4 word search  (Click the link to be taken to the site).

Remember you can also go and use the games over at Phonics Bloom or Phonics Play’s websites. Today I have provided a link to Alien Escape on Phonics Bloom, have fun super spellers!

Alien Escape game  (Click the link to be taken to the game).

Phase 4 Phonics

Happy Wednesday to all you super spellers! Well, we are whizzing through these Phase 4 sounds now, and here are a few more activities to help you get to grips with those blends!

Using the pictures and blends given, can you complete the sentences below?

cl     sl     sp     st     tw

Here are three sets of _ _ins. They look alike.

Here is a shiny, metal _ _oon.

The slippery _ _ug sat on the mat.

The _ _own has bright red hair.

The _ _arfish has five points to its body.

Can you think of any more words that contain these blends? Perhaps you could become an investigator and look for some in any books, magazines or newspapers you may have at home. You could also hop over to Phonics Bloom website by following the link and play some games to boost your confidence. Today’s link will take you to a sentence substitution game where you can make some silly sentences by swapping the blocks around. Who can come up with the silliest?


Phase 4 Phonics

I thought you might enjoy a little word search today. Copy and paste the link to be taken to the word search and see how many Phase 4 words you can find. Can you find them all?

You can also have a go at reading these sentences too!

The frog was in the fridge.

The black rocket blasted into the sky.

The flag was flapping in the wind.

I was glad to have my glasses fixed.

We can play walk the plank.

You could also have a game of Dragon’s Den using Phonics Play by copy and pasting the below link. Have fun Super Spellers!




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