Mrs Trevor’s Year 2 Zoological Trip

We had a fantastic time on our trip to Zoological.

We really enjoyed travelling to the different continents to see the animals and we looked at their habitats. This linked well with our Science topic, living things and their habitats.

We handled reptiles, watched the animal show and finished off the day with the most spectacular, dazzling bird show. Mrs Goodwin had the best spot for the show with the low, swooping birds! The lemur and parakeets even liked the look of some of us!  

It was incredible!

Mrs Trevor and Mrs Goodwin.

Base Camp

Year 2 will not be going to Base Camp tomorrow and their kits will not be needed in school.

Instead of a science afternoon, (our trip included lots of science this week!), we will be having a Geography afternoon. During this afternoon, we will be looking at identifying the seven continents of the World. We will be using this handy song to help us remember!


Newdale Families – Religion Census October 2021

We hope you have all settled back into the school routines for this academic year. My name is Miss McCullagh and this year I will be co-ordinating Religious Education at Newdale.

To help us understand more about our families, we would really like an updated picture of the different religions, beliefs and values held by the children, and families, within our Newdale community. This will support us in ensuring that our Religious Education offer is as inclusive as possible for our community.

We would be really grateful if you could spend 5 minutes completing the survey below, by Tuesday 19th October. 

Thank you in advance, for you support 😊

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