Year 3 Final week of Literacy!

Hello Year 3’s!

WE have loved seeing what you have been getting up to in literacy!

This week as it is the last week of summer e thought it would be a lovely idea to reflect on the past year!

Follow the powerpoint Final Week of Literacy 2020

Mon- Jumping Orange Word Story

Tues- Mind map and Self portrait –Doc1

Weds- Reflection of the Year  – Reflection of the year

Thurs- Looking to the Future – Looking to the future

Fri-  Spelling test and fun and games! You can select any activities from here if you wish! t2-e-3707-year-3-summer-english-activity-booklet_ver_16 (1) T-HE-024-Your-Machine-Invention-Planning-Sheet T-L-910-Comic-Book-Templates T-T-13177-A-Z-Of-The-School-Year-Writing-Frame T-T-24360-Summer-Mindfulness-Colouring-Sheets US-T-330-Summertime-Word-Search Year 3 Answers Year 3 Summer English Activity Booklet

Attached are the sheets needed but remember you do not need to print them you can use plain/lined paper at home and copy the style of the sheet!

I would really love to see your blog posts or email your reflections to me at


Year 3 Maths Summer Week 7

Hello Year 3’s

This is your final week of Year 3 Maths! We are super impressed with the efforts you have been putting into your maths!

This week’s maths is about measure, pictograms, bar charts and some games.

REMEMBER – try and practise your times tables on TTRS – I have set up tournaments. So get multiplying!!!!!

There are videos for each lesson followed by the activity sheets. Copy and paste the video link.  If you can’t print the sheets do not worry as you can just write out the calculations or answers on a piece of paper just as the sheets model.

Any further queries, email Mrs Trevor at

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