Year 2/3 Using a thermometer

This week’s theme is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Year 2/3 had lots of fun today using a thermometer to measure the temperature of water and melt different types of chocolate. We found out that chocolate melts best in temperatures between 45-55 Degrees Celsius. We also found out that dark chocolate melts quicker than white and milk chocolate because it contains more cocoa. The fats in the milk and white chocolate, mean that it takes longer to melt.

It seemed a shame to waste the chocolate so we ate it afterwards with a marshmallow!

🏀 Newdale Mini Olympics (PE Themed Week) ⚽

Usually, around now, we would be competing in our annual Sports Day festivities across school. As this is not possible this year, we have decided to set you challenges and activities at home that you can complete.

You may notice that on the majority of days, there are gold, silver and bronze awards for the sporting activities. Keep a total of the amount of points you manage to collect over the week and let your teacher know how many you have earned.

We look forward to the children of Newdale adopting a healthy mindset and lifestyle over the week. Maybe you could get involved with some healthy cooking too?

Post your pictures and work to your class blogs, we cannot wait to see them!

Newdale Mini Olympics PDF.

Here are some additional ideas that you may wish to carry out to make sure that you are staying active at home


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