Important Cross Country Notification

Wednesday 3rd April Cross Country Race

Due to building works along Hinksay Road, ( the road to the Telford Hornets Rugby club) there are  traffic restrictions along this road.


Please use alternative parking areas in and around Telford Town Park.

Your support with this matter is much appreciated.




Year 3 Parent Assembly

We look forward to welcoming you all tomorrow (Wednesday 27th March at 2.30pm) for the Year 3 Parent Assembly. The children have been working really hard on a great show for you. See you there!

The Year 3 Team

Year 3 ICT day


Year 3 have had an ICT day on Friday and moved round year 3 and 4 classes to use different types of ICT and have fun along the way!

In my class, year 3 used lego and ipads to create their own Mars rover discovery robot.

The children had to work as a team to build their rover, record what they had done and then code the rover to move and follow commands. All of which was done on the ipads!

See you soon

Year 3 :)

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