Loudmouth Session

This morning, the children watched a really engaging performance by the Loudmouth team. This was followed by powerful workshops that covered different types of abuse including domestic abuse. We discussed our trusted adults who we can talk to about our worries and recapped the PANTS rule.

Art Day – Frida Kahlo

Today we focused on the Latin American artist Frida Kahlo whose troubled life produced fueled incredibly powerful artwork. Our young artists learnt about her life and explored some of her famous surrealist paintings. They then tried different techniques with oil pastels before produced amazing mixed media artworks based on Kahlo’s Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird. All the adults in Year 5 are incredibly proud of the children today for their focus and creativity.


Code Club session 4

This week the group split into two units. One group created a program with a sprite whose eyes followed the mouse (or even another automated sprite) whilst the other team created surprise animations to shock the viewer. It is amazing to see the children expressing themselves through Coding.

Ariana in Year 5 was Star Coder this week for her incredible “Emergency Code” in which she created a multiple question quiz in just 5 minutes.

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