Diversity Day

Today we learned all about Indra Lal Roy, who was an Indian ace fighter pilot flying for the British in World War I. The children really engaged with the story of his resilience in gaining 10 dogfight victories and even seemingly coming back from the dead after he was presumed dead in a crash in 1916.

This afternoon, we celebrated his achievements by creating RAF artwork using mono printing. This is a really challenging technique, but the children kept persevering to be successful.

Extra Writing Practise and Times Tables Ideas

If you would like your child to get some extra practise at writing at a Year 5 level, they could try using any of these story starters as a launchpad into their writing. Remember to get your child to re-read their work and edit to make improvements and to check that it makes sense.


This next website is a fantastic resource which can help creative writing. The children could develop word choice and use a thesaurus to describe the images, or they could fix the “sick sentences” or work on their inference skills by answering the questions.



In terms of learning times tables, here are a few links to help develop speed and reasoning.




Maybe you could even do a “rock slam” against your child on Times Table Rock Stars!

Parents Evening Phone Call Reminder

Dear Parents/Carers,


Please be aware that this week Year 5 Teachers will be running parents evening appointments on the telephone. We aim to stick to time so please be ready at your alloted time slot for a chat with your teacher. The number will either come up as a Telford number or a private number.

We look forward to discussing your child’s progress.


The Year 5 Team

Y5 Half Term Report

Dear parents and carers,

Your child’s half termly report is in their reading diary. We will discuss this during our parents’ evening phone call next week. If you have not signed up for a slot, please do so as soon as possible.

Have a lovely weekend!

Year 5 Team.

Y5 and Y6 Parents- Secondary SEND Information

Dear Parents and Carers,


Please see below a step by step guide for how to access up to date information regarding Special Educational Needs and Dissabilities (SEND) Provision at all Telford Secondary Schools.

Thsi includes virtual tours, SEND Information Reports and other useful information that may help you when deciding which Secondary school to apply for.

Parent and Carer Secondary SEND Local Offer Telford

Miss Plimmer

Thank you Emma!

Big thanks for Emma for logging onto classrooms and working through what we can do online in terms of sharing documents and communicating with students. Please note that the Meet will no longer be accessible now.

Please leave a message in the reading diary if you tried to join the Meet but could not log into Google Classroom. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Enjoy your weekend!

Google Meet reminder

If you are able to log on at 4pm to Google meet, please see the full instructions which were posted yesterday on the year 5 news page. Key reminders are to go on Google classroom and sign in with your chromebook logins. Remember that you need to put @taw.org.uk after your username. e.g david.beckham@taw.org.uk.

Once on classroom, click the Meet link and then “Join Now.”

Don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you, I will ask for feedback after the weekend.

Year 5 e-learning trial

I am looking for Computing helpers across Year 5!

At 4pm after school on Friday, I will be running a test run meeting using Google Meets which will last c. 10-15 minutes. If you (children) would like to take part from home then please log in to google classroom using your chromebook logins (you will need to write @taw.org.uk after your name as your username. e.g. john.smith@taw.org.uk).

Once you are “in” Google Classroom, you will need to click onto this year’s Year 5 class – 5 2020.


At 4 pm, click the Meet Link under the class title and then click join now.

We will then run through simle tasks, such as muting microphones and trying the chat and screensharing functions. At this stage I should be able to talk you through the tasks.

So hurry on home and I’ll hopefully see some of you at 4!


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