Tuesday fun in the sun

Today the children had a PE lesson with Mr Adlington. They played cricket.

Then the children made chocolate crispy cakes!

Then the children made Easter crafts- look at these door wreaths some of the girls made!

Then the children used the Ipads and had lunch.

After lunch they played outside then went to plant some vegetables in Base Camp.

They planted parsley, carrots, beetroot and chilli peppers!

Lots of fun in the sun!

Daily Literacy and Easter Information

Good morning,

Here is today’s literacy:
Year 5 Day 5

Over the Easter break, it would be great for the children to continue to read and practise spellings, but we will not be setting formal activities over this time. Y5 Homework W6

We have attached some links to this document which you can choose to do at your leisure. You do not have to use these websites, they are just for support.

Easter break

You will still be able to contact us via normal channels. We hope you all have a happy and healthy Easter break with your families,

Miss Myler, Mr Banfield, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Stack

Daily maths tasks

Good morning!

Just a quick reminder that the children will need to try to keep up to date with these daily maths activities:


They should be capable of watching the videos, completing the work and then self marking. Today’s lesson will be Week 1, lesson 4.

Best wishes,


Mr Banfield

Parent to Teacher communication

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have set up a new email address which will allow you to communicate with your class teacher should you need to. This would be a great platform for you to share positive experiences at home whilst allowing a more direct form of contact in these unprecedented circumstances. The address is: Newdale.year5team@taw.org.uk

Children should continue to use Purple Mash 2email and the homework blog as their main forms of communication.

Best wishes,

Mr Banfield and Miss Myler

You’re A Wizard Harry

Today’s activities are Harry Potter themed! As many of you know, Harry Potter is one of my favourite things. Suggested activities:

  • Write and cast a spell
  • Read a chapter of your favourite Harry Potter book (I’m currently reading Goblet of Fire)
  • Watch a Harry Potter film
  • Draw a character (tutorials on Youtube)
  • Listen to the Harry Potter songs (also on Youtube)
  • Play quidditch in your garden. Can anyone find the rules of the game?

Don’t forget to post your work onto the blog.

If you don’t like Harry Potter as much, here are the other activity sheets for you to carry on with.

Year 5 Day 3

Most importantly, have a magical day!

Miss Myler
p.s. I am still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts, so if anyone finds it (or could write me one) I’d really appreciate it if you could send it to me via the blog!

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