Home Learning week commencing 6/07/20


This week’s SPaG foci are expanded noun phrases to add description and relative clauses to add additional information.
Literacy week beginning 6th July

Guided Reading

There are 2dos set on PurpleMash. Don’t forget to read your own books from home too.

This will be set by Mrs Stack on PurpleMash


Revision week 3


We are looking back at our space topic. You could do some research on the planets, create a song, do some art work related to the planets or create a fact file about a space mission. There are lots of fun activities on PurpleMash for you to choose from.

Space home learning


HP colours home learning


Use an Atlas or the internet to research 3 mountain ranges. 1 in Europe, 1 in Asia and another of your choice.

Don’t forget that you can still contact Mr Banfield and I via PurpleMash if you need us for any help. Have a wonderful week!

Miss Myler

Year 5 spellings W/C 6th July

Hello year 5,

For those of you who have returned to school, your spellings for week commencing 6th July 2020 are a new set of jumping orange words. These are another set of tricky ones, so keep practising. Maybe you could use the words to play hangman with a member of your household? Can you sort them into alphabetical order? Alternatively maybe you can you write them out in capital letters, or write out the definitions from a dictionary?

Week 3 JO Spellings

If you are continuing to work from home, I will continue to email you as normal with your weekly spellings and their associated activities, so please disregard this (unless you would like to do both sets, which you are of course more than welcome to do :-)).

Many thanks

Mrs Stack

🏀 Newdale Mini Olympics (PE Themed Week) ⚽

Usually, around now, we would be competing in our annual Sports Day festivities across school. As this is not possible this year, we have decided to set you challenges and activities at home that you can complete.

You may notice that on the majority of days, there are gold, silver and bronze awards for the sporting activities. Keep a total of the amount of points you manage to collect over the week and let your teacher know how many you have earned.

We look forward to the children of Newdale adopting a healthy mindset and lifestyle over the week. Maybe you could get involved with some healthy cooking too?

Post your pictures and work to your class blogs, we cannot wait to see them!

Newdale Mini Olympics PDF.

Here are some additional ideas that you may wish to carry out to make sure that you are staying active at home


Year 5 Homework

Hello Year 5!

Well here we are on yet another Friday! Whether you are at school or at home, I hope that you have had a wonderful week and well done for working so hard – give yourself a pat on the back.

Your homework question for this week is based on the growth mindset work that we have been focussing on in the afternoons. We have learnt the importance of having a positive attitude towards learning and our ability to progress and achieve with practise and determination.

For your homework, I would like you to spend some time thinking about what you might like to do for a career when you finally leave education. Some of you may already have some very definite ideas about your career path. If you do, then research around that role to find out what you need to achieve in order to get there. What qualifications do you need? Do you need to go to university? What skills and qualities do you need? Is there any voluntary work experience that you could undertake as you get older to support your development of these skills? Create a picture of yourself in your chosen career and present your research of this role (and your path to get there) around it.

Some of you may have absolutely no idea what you want to do – and that’s fine too! It took me a long time to discover that the job I love is that of a Teaching Assistant. It’s helpful to learn about yourself a little more first to establish what careers might appeal to your interests. Can you think about what your favourite subjects are at school? What do you enjoy learning about? Do you enjoy literacy or maths? Or is science, or maybe art, more your thing? What are your hobbies? Do you like being outside? Are you a baker? Do you enjoy sport? Create a picture of yourself and surround it with your favourite subjects and hobbies – an ‘All About Me’. You can then use this to help you reflect, as you progress through school, on where you might like your career path to take you.

I would love to see your finished pieces and to hear all about you and maybe what career path you have already decided you would like to follow. Please either email me directly with your work or post it on the blog. This is due in by Friday 10th July 2020.

Dream big because you are all capable of doing amazing things and remember that who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.

Have a fabulous weekend Year 5, you wonderful bunch.

Speak soon

Mrs Stack

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