History Themed Week

Summer 20 Home History Theme

Here are a few fun ideas to help you learn more about your local area. We can’t wait to see what you produce and would love to see the class blogs overflowing with new History knowledge!

For an added challenge, I wonder if you can find where you live on a modern day map and compare the area to a map from another moment in history?


June’s Challenge from the Shropshire Wildlife Trust – 30 Random Acts of Wildness

The Shropshire Wildlife Trust have set a challenge throughout the month of June.  I have made this calendar for you to download/print/follow. This will link with your Outdoor Learning Themed Week (starting Monday 8th June).

Click on the calendar and see how many Acts of Wildness you can complete throughout the month. Random Acts of Wildness

You don’t have to complete them all but maybe challenge yourself as a family to do as many as you can when you are out and about of your walks or even at home in the garden. We would love to see you on your adventures and any of your completed Acts of Wildness, so please post pictures and your activities on your class blogs.

Visit https://www.shropshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/ for more ideas, videos, activities and facts for you to use and discover.

If you have any further queries, email Mrs Trevor at newdale.year3team@taw.org.uk

Science Themed Week W.B-18.05.20

Last week we enjoyed looking at all the fantastic work which has been produced based on our citizenship
Summer 20 Home Science Theme Week (003)themed week.

This week we’d like children to complete Science activities.

Now we watch and wait to see if scientists can help our world quickly.

But all these Scientists started out practising their Science at home and at Primary School!

Scientists are a bit like the Superheroes of our time (along with a few other people!) So be a Science
Superhero this week and try out some of these awesome activities.

Year 6- work for this week

Hi everyone,

We have uploaded some new work on to Purplemash for the week ahead but also be aware that some new work will appear in your 2Dos on a daily basis.

Please also find a link to the BBC Bitesize daily lessons for Year 6 below – these will be useful for the children who want some extra work to complete. Please do prioritise the work on Purplemash.

Let us know how you have been getting on.

Mrs T and Miss C

BBC Bitesize daily lessons for Year 6

Fun day Friday in the Den!

Happy Friday everyone!

How did you find you digraphs and trigraphs yesterday?

Today, can write some rhyming words?

For Literacy, can you write a letter to the Queen telling her about your party you held in your house and garden?

Friday Literacy

For maths, can the Year 1 and Year 2 children have a go at solving division problems?

Friday Y1 and Y2

For Max, Y3s and Y6s can you tackle some division by sharing?

Friday Max, Y3s Y6s

For your afternoon session, can you finish off your art pieces you have been working on.


I can reveal next week’s afternoon theme will be………….Music!


Have a lovely weekend and as ever, stay safe.

Miss Plimmer, Mrs McLeod, Miss Hammond and Mrs Fullerton.

Den learning Thursday

Hi everyone,


For phonics and handwriting today can you practice joining digraphs (two letters one sound) and trigraphs (three letters one sound) eg sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo. See if you can form the sound with the letters holding hands so that they are one sound together like in alpha blocks!

Alphablocks - SH & CH Letter Teams | Learn to Read | Phonics for ...


For literacy, can you write a recount of your party you had yesterday- what party games did you play, did you win? What party music did you have? What party food did you have? Did you get chance to make a cake or individual party cakes? Remember to take photos and add to the website blog!


For maths, can the Year 1 and Year 2 children share out their snack and divide it between different plates and bowls? Maybe you could have a teddy bears picnic snack time in your garden and draw pictures/ take photos?

For Max, the Y3s and Y6s can you complete the following:

Thurs Max, Y3, Y6

Keep going with you art themed activities for afternoon sessions!

Well done everyone and keep smiling!
Miss Plimmer, Mrs McLeod, Miss Hammond and Mrs Fullerton.

Year 6 Home Learning

Dear Parents of children in Year 6


We really do understand how difficult it is for children to carry out home learning at this time. The majority of children were doing a fantastic job before Easter and we are very proud of them for settling so quickly into a new and strange routine. However, since Easter we have noticed that many children have not managed to get back into their routine of working through Purple Mash on the tasks that teachers have provided. It is so important that they do and we need you as parents to encourage them to log on and get cracking please. We are expecting schools to come back together before the Summer and we are already facing a real challenge with gaps in learning, so it would be of real support if you can help in this; in addition we want to ensure that your child is ready for secondary school despite this disruption.


If you are having an issues please contact your year 6 teacher or Mrs Powell.


Kind regards

Wacky Wednesday in the Den!

Hi everyone!
For Wednesday’s tasks, during phonics time can you have a go at recalling your flashcard sounds- phonics play website has a race car game which will do these for you. Please practice writing your sounds – maybe you could play a game where Mum or Dad could say the sound and you have to write it and show them?

Can you then play some of the sentences games?

Y1 and Y2 Phase 2 and Phase 3

Years 3 and 6 Phase 4 and Phase 5

For literacy, can you write an invitation to a party you will throw for the Queen’s birthday- you can invite Mums, Dads, brothers and sisters and even pets! Feel free to have your party this afternoon! Try and take photos for the blog!

Weds Literacy

For maths, we are continuing with division:
Weds Y1 Y2

Weds Max. Y3 Y6

For the older Denners- can you divide any snacks you eat during the day and take a photo for the blog?

Please continue with your art activities for your afternoon sessions and please take photos of your party you have in honour of the Queen!

Looking forward to seeing your super learning and happy faces, they really do brighten all our days!
Missing you all, Miss Plimmer, Mrs McLeod, Miss Hammond and Miss Fullerton

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