Development Plan

Key Targets 2016 – 2017

Main whole school targets to improve:

To significantly narrow the gender gap in Literacy based subjects on exit from Nursery and exit from Reception (Currently 2016 GLD gender gap – 36%)

To accelerate boys progress and attainment in writing across the key stages (2016 KS2 Boys 1.8 progress/girls 3.2 progress – gap of 1.4)

To narrow the gap between disadvantaged and non- disadvantaged attainment at ARE in writing and maths across KS1 and 2 (2016 KS1 Writing gap – 10%, Maths gap – 10%. KS 2 Writing gap – 10%, Maths gap – 13%)

To ensure attendance gaps are narrowing between SEND/disadvantaged pupils and non-disadvantaged (Year end including Reception SEND vs Non SEND gap – 0.94%, Disadvantaged vs Non-Disadvantaged gap – 0.47%)

Raising awareness of equality and diversity. We will monitor the progress and achievment of pupils by the relevant and appropriate protected characteristics. We will continue to celebrate diversity.

SiP Key Targets 2017-2018