Development Plan

Key Targets 2018 – 2019

Main whole school targets:

  • To increase progress and attainment of girls in Maths (2017/18 Key 2 SATS girls attainment 77% v 76% nationally; Progress -1.4 compared to 0 nationally).
  • To ensure that PPG pupils make Above National Expectations for progress in Reading and Maths (2017/18 Key 2 SATS Reading progress -0.5, Maths progress -0.3).
  • To ensure that more boys are achieving Greater Depth expectations in Writing across the school (2017/18 Key 1 SATS 3% GDS writing)
  • To ensure that more PPG pupils are achieving Greater Depth expectations in Maths across the school (2017/18 exit from Mighty Oaks 39% at ARE).
  • To increase the % of boys achieving Age Related Expectations in Writing in the Early Years (2017/18 exit from Mighty oaks 39% at ARE).
  • To adopt some features of the Finnish education systems into our curriculum e.g. more independence, more ownership, more risk taking etc.
  • To review our current curriculum offer so it is not all knowledge based and ensure that skills are taught progressively and embedded throughout, leading to the development of skills progression documents.
  • To promote and embed all aspects of the E-Safety curriculum to pupils.

SiP Key Targets 2018-2019