Value of the Month

Thank you for all your support with the value of the month for June, which was Honesty. Throughout June, children learnt the importance of being truthful to others; being truthful to themselves; doing what’s right regardless of who’s around and being someone others can trust.

Our value of the month for July is Reflecting.

Providing opportunities for reflection is an important part of school and home life. It is important that children are given the chance to reflect upon their learning, school and life experiences.

What is Reflecting?

  1. To think carefully or deeply about something.
  2. To look at ways to make changes or improvements.

Suggestions for parents to work with children at home:

  1. Talk with your child about ‘reflecting’. Try to answer: ‘What does reflecting involve?’ Discuss some examples.
  2. As your child is approaching the end of this academic year, it is important that they reflect on all the positives and negatives they have encountered over the year. Discuss with your child what has gone well this year; have they met a certain challenge or target? What steps did they take to achieve it?
  3. Also discuss with your child what they feel they need to improve on. Perhaps it could be that they need to read regularly at home or have a positive attitude towards their work.
  4. Has something happened this year that they wish they had handled differently? Discuss with your child what they could do next time if faced with the same situation.

Please let your child’s teacher know if we can celebrate any work from home, in school. Feedback on the values and what you do at home is really valuable to us and we really appreciate all your support.

If you can support us in any way, please get in touch via the school office.