Value of the Month

Thank you for all your support with the value of the month for March, which was Belief. This month the children have enjoyed learning about different types of beliefs: including democratic beliefs, religious beliefs and the importance of having self-belief in their own ability.

Our value of the month for April is Freedom

What is Freedom?

  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Self-expression
  • Freedom of speech

Suggestions for parents to work with children at home:

  • Together, talk about people in history who were being ruled by someone else and wanted freedom, e.g. Moses and the Israelites, slaves in the US before the Civil War; Hanukkah; Nelson Mandela.
  • Discuss with your child about historical slavery and modern day human trafficking.
  • Discuss with your child about the Syria Refugee Crisis.
  • Different Rules of Law around the world. Discuss with your child democracy in Britain and how this may be different from countries around the world.
  • Freedom of self- expression. Discuss with your child the importance of their identity and being able to express themselves. Explain that people living in Britain are able to express themselves how they choose; as long as it doesn’t break the law (Individual Liberty).
  • Discuss inner freedom– having positive thoughts. What does inner freedom feel like? When do you feel most free? What kinds of thoughts make you feel free? Constrained?

Please let your child’s teacher know if we can celebrate any work from home, in school. Feedback on the values and what you do at home is really valuable to us and we really appreciate all your support. If you can support us in any way, please get in touch via the school office.