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Shark in the Dark

Today, Year 2 have been using adjectives, similes, verbs and even adverbs to retell the story of the Shark in the Dark but from the Shark’s point of view. Here is what a few of them learned today.

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Fun day Friday!

This week for Forest School, the children in the Den worked in pairs or threes to find natural objects and use blindfolds to feel the textures and guess the objects!

For cooking, lots of the Den children helped to make and decorate biscuits celebrating Telford’s 50th birthday!

50 Years of Telford in the Den!

To celebrate 50 Years of Telford the children came to school dressed in clothing from different eras!

Jaien, Bryan, Kyle and Megan were 1980s, Kai was 1970s and Brooke and the Year Five children were 1990s.

The ladies who work in the Den dressed in 1980s clothing too!

Everyone had a great day full of dancing!


Year 2- 90’s Day!

Today, year 2 have had lots of fun learning all about the 1990s. This morning we worked with Year 5 to research all about 90’s toys, fashion, music and film/TV. This afternoon we have looked at 90’s TV shows and drawn some of the most popular characters!

Newdale choir at Theatre Severn Shrewsbury

Last night the Choir wowed crowds at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.

They performed two songs, Power in Me and Last Kiss Goodbye at the Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance to mark 100 years of the RAF.

The Festival was also an opportunity to thank those who served in the Wars.

Newdale Choir will not forget………………………………..

Year 1 Robot Fun with The Den

Groups of children from Year 1 have been going to The Den to have some hands on fun controlling the Dash robots. They have been using apps on the iPad to make the robots move, talk, flash etc The children in The Den have been super helpful and shown Year 1 just how it all works. We will be having another couple of sessions in the next few weeks.



Fun day Friday!

Today some of the children in the Den accompanied Year Two to see the ‘Exotic Zoo’ visitors. They looked at a scorpion, centipede, a frog, a turtle and a snake!


Then the children braved the stormy weather to explore what was happening to the old oak tree. They used string to collect fallen leaves and branches!