Art & Design

Art and Design: Led by Mr McFarland

We love Art at Newdale and celebrate it as much as possible. Our budding artists have access to a wealth of resources and materials to support and develop their creative thinking and skills. Each year, the children explore a variety of traditional, modern and contemporary art, as well as artists linked to their chosen topic.

We follow the National Curriculum for Art, focusing on the core strands of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, as well as Collage and Printing, all of which the children are given opportunities to develop their substantive, disciplinary and theoretical knowledge and skills. Please see our progression of knowledge and skills document below.

Progression of Knowledge and skills

Example of our substantive, practical knowledge thread – developing drawing skills

Substantive knowledge  – Drawing

At Newdale we follow a planning cycle for Art. This consists of 3 steps;

1. Explore (the work of other artists).

2. Experiment (to develop the children’s knowledge and skills in a particular area).

3. Create (create their own unique piece of art based upon the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout the unit).

Children at Newdale use their sketchbooks to evidence the learning journey, and these sketchbooks move with them as they progress through the school. Below are a number of examples of our sketchbooks.

We also have an annual Art day, which takes place in the Summer term each year. For 2022, our theme will be Art and Geography, where the children will be learning about art and artists from around the world, as well as dressing to express!

To find out more about our teaching of Art, please see your child’s class page.