Geography: Led by Miss B Harrison

It is our aim that all children at Newdale will understand where they are globally, nationally, and locally. Using their knowledge of the Earth, children will be able to relate a place’s location to its characteristics (e.g. distance from equator or altitude related to climate). Children will have a secure understanding of how they are linked to other places and recognise their actions can influence the local environment and wider world. We wish to celebrate the similarities and differences between ourselves and others, not only in our locality but across the world. Our local environment is studied in depth across the key stages; allowing children to compare its physical and human features to places around the world. We enhance their learning through geographical enquiry (carried out inside and outside the classroom), children: use and create maps, record and analyse observations, and research through the use of books and ICT. To find out more please see the Geography Progression and Curriculum Maps below.

Geography at Newdale 2021

Geography Curriculum Map 2021