Sport/PE Funding

For the Year 2016 -2017 Newdale Primary School and Nursery is in receipt of £9,765, with 353 eligible pupils for the Sports Premium.  A breakdown of how this money was spent can be found on the Sports Grant Action plan 2016-17 including an evaluation of its impact and success at different points in the academic year.

As a general overview, the Sports Premium is being used to employ two secondary school PE teachers from Charlton secondary school, a gymnastics specialist and a full time PE coach and coaching apprentice from Crossbar Coaching to deliver PE lessons across all classes.

All sports professionals run a variety of After School clubs where our aim is to get ALL children involved; money is directed into ensuring this happens with financial support provided for those parents who are entitled to it. Our children regularly have the opportunity to take part in inter school competitions across Telford and we are proud of the success we achieve at our school. This funding will ensure we can maintain and improve upon the results we have achieved.

Our PE curriculum map has been altered, with the support of our secondary school colleagues to offer a broader range of opportunities in 2016/17 which includes alternative sports such as Dodgeball, Archery and Zumba. Every child from Year 3 to 6 will take part in swimming lessons, with the aim for every child to be able to swim 25 metres by the time they leave primary school.

We carry out unit assessments of each child in the different strands of Physical Education. The assessments are used to plan for the next units of work, to ensure every child makes expected progress throughout their time at our school.

Newdale prides itself on the range of competitive sports offered to the children throughout the year. The children frequently progress past local competitions and regularly compete against the best schools in Shropshire. Results for 2016- 2017 will be on the school website when the competitions start.

All children are encouraged to participate in competitive sport and provision is made for those children who might find it more difficult if it wasn’t for this support. Transport and events organised in school time have enabled disadvantaged children to participate and excel. Two of these children are now school sports ambassadors.

We are also very fortunate to have such wonderful support from our parents, grandparents and friends at all our sporting fixtures. Please see our summary of sporting success so far to see how well we are doing!

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