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Thank you very much to parents and carers for completing the survey and for your comments and responses about our school. This academic year we had 231 responses, including responses from parents of children in Nursery up to Year 6.  We have compiled the results and are pleased to present them to you.

The results of this have been shared and discussed with all staff and governors. We worked together to write our actions from your comments so that we can make our school an even better place to be for pupils. Parents’ suggestions are gratefully received and will be considered as we set our school development priorities for the future.

Please read the full report and our response on the document above.

Here are some comments we are particularly proud of: 

Newdale’s safe environment promotes social and creative learning. Kids can explore, learn and grow. 

We are very happy with safety, the school are excellent with safeguarding both in school and at home. 

My daughter enjoys sharing the new skills she has been taught in PE, showing the correct techniques and using the correct vocabulary. 

The school ensures all subjects in the National Curriculum are covered to a high standard so that deeper and more purposeful learning takes place. 

Children enjoy learning through experiences and remember more. They talk about these in more depth which is just wonderful. 

Extra-curricular clubs such as computer club and ukulele club have gone down a treat. Our son is also looking forward to cartoon drawing club. It is wonderful to see more unusual subjects offered and a bonus that they are free. 

A wonderful school, never had any issues, the children are really at the heart of everything you do. 

I fully support Newdale. Great school with brilliant leadership and very supportive staff.