We have a superb and extensive team of staff who are dedicated to bringing the best schooling experience for all who come to Newdale.

School Leadership Team

Headteacher – Miss R Cook
Deputy Headteacher – Mrs M Bishton
Assistant Headteacher –  Mrs J Thomas
Lower Phase Leader – Miss A Newport
Middle Phase Leader – Mrs R Fenn
Upper Phase Leader – Mrs J Thomas
EYFS Phase Leader – Mrs K Hailey
SENCO – Mrs Poole
School Business Manager – Mr John Griffiths

Class Teachers:

Mrs S Evans/Mrs Sturrock
Mrs Pablos/Mrs Z McLaughlin
Miss A Newport
Miss K Hailey
Mrs J Thomas
Mrs R Fenn
Miss D Broadhurst
Mr J Jackson
Mrs Poole
Miss L Jones
Miss M Clay
Mr G Banfield
Miss B Harrison
Mrs M Arthurs (Maternity Leave)
Mrs L Trevor
Miss A McCullagh
Mr C McFarland

Teaching Assistant Team:

Miss T Marshall (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs S Lewis (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs E Silman, (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs S Morrow (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs C Goodwin
Mrs L Stack
Miss J Perkins
Mrs M Hickinbottom
Miss N Bethwaite
Mrs P Thomas
Mrs A Clarke
Ms S Marshall
Mrs S Horler
Mr G Bevan
Miss M Hammond
Mrs Z Stevens
Mrs E Austin
Mrs Mahon
Mrs A Lee
Mrs J Everall
Mrs A Bissell
Mrs R Cleobury (Maternity)

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