Children’s Roles & Responsibilities

School Parliament

Our school parliament meets every Monday with Mrs Morrow. Each class has two representatives which change every term. The school council hold assemblies every Wednesday where they discuss matters that have arisen during their weekly meeting. It is a very important role within the school, which children thoroughly enjoy and benefit from.

Key Stage 2 school council members meet with the governors and staff every term to share and discuss their thoughts on how to develop and improve the school.

School Parliament Information

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO)

Children in Year 5 and 6 can apply for this role by filling out an application form and attending an informal interview with Mrs Powell (The Learning Mentor). As part of their role they promote safety e.g. what to wear when riding a bike, crossing the road etc. They visit younger children to carry out workshops which encourage them to stay safe. From time to time they attend school council assemblies.

Playground Friends

Some children from Years 4,5 & 6 have received training to become a playground friend after filling out an application form and having an interview.  Their role is to help children on the playground have an enjoyable playtime. They provide a variety of games and activities and also assist children to the first aid room if needed. Children can easily spot a playground friend as they wear white caps to stand out.

Office Assistants

There are several children in Year 6 that help out in the office at a lunchtime. They are responsible for answering the phone, taking messages, photocopying and handing out letters for each year group