Nursery Phonics Challenge 1st July

Good morning Nursery

We hope you are having a good week. For today’s Phonics challenge you could give yourself an extra challenge. Can read and sort written words? Sound out the words you can see then blend them together to make the words. Can you then sort the words into sounds they include! Could they go in more than one basket, hoop, box?

You will need to ask a grown up to write some words either on pieces of paper, on bottle tops, lolly pop sticks or even spoons.

You can get ideas for the words here-

Phase 3 reading words

Alternatively you have a working printer you could print these off but don’t worry it doesn’t matter if you don’t. How about using boxes to post through the words like you are posting a letter! Don’t forget to write the letters on the boxes e.g. th ch ng sh 

We hope you enjoy challenging yourself, remember your grown ups are there for help you if you need it .. have a can do it!

Have Phonics Fun

Miss Taylor : )