Parent Survey request.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are always striving to improve the offer we have at Newdale. As part of this drive we need to know your views and ideas on what you like and what you think we need to do differently.

We currently have over 420 children in school and have had 66 responses from parents.

We have had 30 from parents who have children in the Early Years.

Thank you very much for those parents who have submitted a survey. I can assure you we read every single one and consider very carefully the comments that are made.

We are desperate for more surveys, as clearly the more we get, the clearer a picture we are able to paint.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and can be easily accessed by clicking the link below. (Years 1-6) (Nursery & Reception)

This survey is unique to our school and used for our own purposes. We send out an analysis report to all parents once we have had time to collate the information.

There is a national public facing survey for all schools called Parent View. Whilst you are in survey mode, we are hoping you could spend an extra minute filling this one in!

The link for Parent View is here –

Many thanks and I promise to not pester you with any more surveys for a long time!


Miss Cook