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Year 2 Home Learning 20.01.21

Hello Year 2!

We hope you have had a restful weekend.😊

There will be two live lessons tomorrow, Maths at 9.30am and Literacy at 11am.  You should have received an invite for these sessions however if not, then you can join the meetings through the Teams app. Please come to each meeting armed with paper and a pen to write.

Following the Maths lesson, the worksheet below should be completed.  You do not need to print this sheet but the children will need to see it so they can work out their answers. Please choose the correct colour group for your child. They should know their groups but if they are unsure, please email the year 2 team.

Wednesday Maths Blue

Wednesday Maths red and orange

Wednesday Maths Yellow and Green

Following the Maths lesson, we will be carrying out our daily literacy. Again, please come armed with a pencil and paper. The lesson looks at acrostic poems and the worksheet can be found below if you wish to print it.

Literacy acrostic poem templates

If you are unable to attend the live sessions, a recording of the lesson will always be available afterwards.  Worksheets and any further instructions will be shared via the website. We understand that this is tricky for some of you working from home, especially those with siblings so we understand that it is not always possible to join live. We hope the recordings help to support this. 

Other home learning activities set for today:

Guided reading – please read the text and then complete the questions.

Deep Sea Explorers reading and questions

Spellings – our spelling rule for this week is the ‘el ending’.  Please see Mrs Thomas’ website post for today’s activity.

el ending spellings

Times Tables – please see Mrs Horler’s post for today’s activity.

Don’t forget to email us any work that you do or post it on the Year 2 homework blog.  We love to see the work you are completing at home and you might even earn yourself a gold card!

If you have any questions please email us on

Many thanks,

Miss Newport and Miss Jones 😊 😊

Online work feedback

Parents! Thank you all so much for all the support you are giving the children at home with their learning. We are overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of work we are receiving. A parent survey has been created and we would very much appreciate it if you could respond to it by Friday (this is the same survey you may have seen posted on the website).

Many thanks

Forest School Session 28.01.21

Both of the Y4 bubbles in school will have a Forest School session on Thursday 28th January, which will be led by Miss Taylor. Miss Taylor is Forest School trained and will be carrying out exciting activities with the children such as fire making. Please feel rest assured that this will be carried out safely and will give the children a sense of what its like to sit around a campfire. Please ensure that children bring in their Forest School clothes on this day.  Please note that this is a PE day so children will still be expected to come into school in their PE kits.

Many thanks


Ladybugs Home Learning 🐞

Good afternoon,

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe!
I’ve seen lots of photos and videos coming through on the evidence me app already, keep them coming.
Thank you for working with us through the last couple of days, we are posting activities on the website you may want to do at home so keep looking.
Your child’s key worker will be posting some next steps challenges for your child to try at home, please look on the evidence me app for those.

Here are just a few of the photos of the lovely activities you’ve been doing at home…

Lots of photos showing you all being so independent at home, lots of maths doing puzzles and looking at shapes. Literacy activities also mark making and reading stories. Well done so far Ladybugs it’s lovely to see you learning.
Take care,
Becky and the Ladybugs Team 🐞🌈

Fantastic home learning

We’re very happy to be receiving your lovely photos taken at home for home learning observations. These times are tricky and difficult to understand for most adults, but seeing how well your children are adapting to home learning is a pleasure and that’s down to you the parents and careers, so well done everyone.

Here are just a few more to make you smile today, how could you not? We have some very talented children. I see the future is bright with these little ones developing life skills and showing off some hidden talents. Star bakers and chefs, artists, and even mathematicians.

Remote learning survey

Thank you to the parents who have already filled in our remote learning survey.

If you have not done so already, please could you complete to continue to help us refining our offer.

Michelle Bishton
Deputy Headteacher

Nursery Phonics Challenge

Hello Nursery

We hope your are enjoying your week! Today’s challenge is going to be a workout for your fingers. Improving those vital fine motor skills and strength in your hands whilst having phonics fun at the same time.

You will need some playdough if you don’t have any why not try making some. How about starting with a warm up..! Practice some finger fitness with a ‘dough disco’ alphabet song which can be found here-

Now your fingers and hands are ready to get making in the playdough! Can you make the letters of the alphabet using your playdough?

You can do this from memory or write the letter first and then mould the playdough to make the letter. If you have a printer you might like to print off these playdough mats.

Phase-3-Digraphs Playdough Mats


Can you make words using your playdough?

There is lots of fun to be had with Phonics and playdough. Why not try..

Using magnetic letters to make imprints of letters and words..

Writing letters or words with your fingers or other tools like sticks or straws..

Can you write tricky words or your name?

Please remember if you are using small items like beads or marbles or sticks to always have a grown up with you!

Have Phonics Fun!


Home learning for nursery children

I’m really sorry that I can’t see you all in person today at nursery.  Please can you support your child at home over the next few days and beyond by going onto your evidence me app.  As usual, we would love to see observations of your child at home, particularly if they meet their next steps.  Your child’s next steps are listed at the end of every observation that you can see on the app.  These are individual to your child alone and would help them to make progress.  All of the keyworkers are available via evidence me and would love to see photographs or videos of your child.  Equally, you can use this app to ask questions or seek support.  We’d love to hear from you soon.

Mrs Lisa Curnow


Good morning!

Here is an idea for today’s practice of those phase 4 blends. It is a link to the game ‘tic tac toe’. If you are unable to print, why not write them on paper and get creative with what can be used for the counters! I would love to know who wins!

t-e-1000-phase-4-phonics-tic-tac-toe-game_ver_2 (2)

Alongside this you may like to use a game to help you practice. You can use the link below to take you straight there :)

Play buried treasure