Phase 4 Phonics

We have made it through to the last day of learning Phase 4 Phonics! Well done to all you super spellers and I hope you are feeling more confident with some/ all of your Phonics sounds now. Remember, if there are any areas of Phonics you feel you need more practice with and have time over the Summer, there are plenty of fun and useful websites you can use. I have put links to a few of them for you below.

Link for Phonics Bloom website and games

Link for Phonics Play website and games

Link for Top Marks website and games

I really hope you all have a fabulous Summer and I am looking forward to seeing you return in September in your new year groups. How exciting! I bet lots of you are much taller since the last time I saw you!

So, to carry on with our final 5 blends I have put together some sentences for you to have a read through and to finish, a word search for you to have a go at. Have fun and stay safe, see you all soon!

There is a bunch of grapes on the bench.

The scruffy goat screamed at the frog.

A shrew was hiding in the shrubs.

Three friends went through the park.

The string was long and straight.

Click to play the word search!