Phase 4 Phonics

Wow, we are nearly there super spellers! Below are the last 5 blends of the Phase 4 sounds! The sounds before today have all focused on using 2 letters to make the blend but today we are looking at 3 letters creating the blend. Using the pictures and blends to help you can you have a go at completing the sentences below?

nch     scr     shr     thr     str

When we use the computer we look at the _ _ _een.

Another word for a bush might be a _ _ _ub.

How long is a piece of _ _ _ing?

One, two, _ _ _ee, four, five, once I caught a fish alive!

A church be_ _ _ is called a pew.

Using the link below you can hop over to Phonics Bloom and choose which game you prefer to play to help you build confidence with the Phase 4 blends. Have fun!

Phonics Bloom Phase 4 games link