Phase 4 Phonics Activity Idea

Hello everyone. Here are some more activities to help you build on your Phase 4 Phonics skills. I hope you enjoy having a go at them!

Using the blends and pictures given, can you complete the words below?

tr      dr      gr      cr      br

I _ _ ush my hair.

The red _ _agon breathes fire.

The Queen wears a beautiful _ _own.

This _ _ass is very _ _een.

We see lots of _ _ees on our nature walks.

Can you now have a go at unscrambling the words below? (they contain the same blends). Use the clues to help you.

nairt     (London has underground ones!)

evdir    (You need a car to do this)

worg    (Plants do this, and so do you!)

onyacr  (You might use these to create a work of art)

oomrb   (These are handy for tidying up the floor)