Phonics Challenge Thursday 4th June

Hi Nursery

I hope you are having a fun phonics week. Today’s challenge is called ‘Y is for Yellow’!

Can you practice writing the letter ‘y‘ in lots of yellow colours? You could use paints, crayons, pens, pencil crayons or chalks. Can you say the sound ‘y‘ as you are practising your ‘y‘ letter formation?

If you have a zip lock or a freezer bag you might like to make a writing bag!

You will need – A zip lock bag, some paint or some hair gel and food colouring and if you have some glitter!

You just open your bag and pop in- just some paint, some hair gel and paint, or hair gel and food colouring and  make sure it is zipped up. Add some sticky tape to make sure none of mixture comes out and that the bag is sealed for safety.

Now you can use your finger or a cotton bud to practise writing your letter ‘y‘! You can use again and again!

Please remember plastic bags can be dangerous so always have a grown up with you when using your writing bag and ask them to keep it somewhere safe when you’re not using it.

Have Phonics Fun!

Miss Taylor : )