World Book Day Thursday 4th March 2021

We are excited to announce that on Thursday 4th March it will be ‘World Book Day’! We thought we would post information about this so that you can get prepared if you so wish to.

This year, World Book Day will be a little different as most of you are at home…
We have decided to have a whole school theme based on Alice in Wonderland: a timeless tale for all ages.
Young Alice falls down a rabbit hole, only to find a world where animals talk, a mad hatter enjoys a never-ending tea party and croquet is played like you’ve never seen it before!

Next Thursday we will be having lots of ‘World Book Day’ fun during our live lessons and for those children who are in school.

For those of you that love to dress up, we would like to invite you to dress up for both our live lesson and in school. There are many characters to choose from, from the story ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or you could create some of the props instead—a giant playing card or clock (perfect to practise telling the time!). If you have your own special outfits from other stories already at home which you would like to dress up in and share with us instead you can. We understand that utilising what we already have at home is very important too. Equally, if dressing up is not your thing, why not draw the costumes you love the most instead? At the end of our live lesson on Thursday there will be the opportunity for you to share your costumes with the other children working at home and possibly in school too. I’m sure a costume/prop parade is something that you will all enjoy.

As part of our Alice in Wonderland themed day you may also like to create your own ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. Enjoy jam tarts and jammy dodgers—why not make your own? Here is a child friendly recipe for you to follow:

We will be posting more information about this day next week and the exciting activities we have planned for you but thought we would give you prior warning about dressing up and the tea party so you can get prepared if you wish to beforehand.

We hope you can enjoy a day filled with jam tarts, party games and lots of fun and laughter!

The Reception Team